Honestly speaking, as an anime lover, I am always looking forward to experiencing new and authentic storyline based anime. And Yasuke was a historical story-based anime that made quite an impression in the animation world.

Here I am about to tell you about this unique show which has been recently aired exclusively on Netflix Originals. Having all the positive reviews, I know that you are curious about Yasuke Season 2. And so, we want give you a good news! 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into it.

Netflix Original Show Yasuke

For the first time, Yasuke season 1 was released on Netflix Originals. It was also aired as an original Japanese on-net anime show on April 29, 2021. The famous animation studio MAPPA animated the series.

This show is exclusively made by Netflix Original. All of the licenses and copyright only belong to Netflix.

It was basically a 2D animated series based on the first African Samurai. 6 episodes within 28-30 minutes each covered the debut installment. 

What Was The Plot Of Yasuke?

The main plot of this Netflix-originated anime was based on a real-life historic character named Yasuke. It was as per the history of Japanese tradition black samurai who came from Africa worked under the leading person. He was devoted in a patriotic manner. 

16th-century samurai conflict, in the period of the Nanban trade, was the background setting for this anime.  

Yasuke Season 2 Release Date

What Happened In Yasuke Season 1?

At the beginning of this show, we can see that Oda Nobunaga and Yasuke met for the first time. After having a sudden fight in the street, Yasuke was asked to wash his body as if they thought Yasuke was covered with dirt. But they couldn’t imagine that the black color was his own by-born skin color.

It was the first time for Nobunaga to witness a black man fighting with martial arts. He ordered Lockley to scrub the skin of Yasuke. But it remained the same. After watching that, Nobunaga announced to throw a grant party for welcoming Yasuke cordially. 

By these circumstances, the story started towards the most interesting episodes. And became an interesting one with all the suspense and action.

How Can We Know If Yasuke Season 2 Will Be Announced Or Not?

It’s so tough to assume that there will be Yasuke season 2 since there is no official announcement yet. The main reason for this doubt is, the first season has been recently aired. Usually, it takes almost a year or so to produce another season.  

Hence, the next season might take a longer time.

What About The Source Material For Yasuke?

Well, there was no light novel or manga for Yasuke. It was produced originally by studio MAPPA. But the popularity of this show has inspired the creators to publish a Manga series. This Manga will be Published in Monthly Big Comic Spirits which will be written by Satoshi Okunishi published by Shogakukan. 

As it’s an ongoing production and will start to publish from July 27 of this year, more source material may lead the show to a second season.

Social Media Popularity:

Yasuke is a very common historic figure.  In 2017, there was a video game called Nioh which featured this character. So, when Yasuke released, the fans were excited to know what the anime has to offer.

After releasing, around 18.2k posts were written using the Yasuke hashtag on Instagram.

According to MyAnimeList the show was #2506 in popularity.

1,405,966+ people have viewed the official trailer of Yasuke through the Netflix official YouTube Channel.

So, we can say the show gained much popularity within this short period of time.


From Rotten Tomatoes, this show got 93%, but from IMDB and IGN, rating was not as expected, which was 6.2/10 & 6/10.

Happened In Yasuke


Why Was Yasuke Canceled At The Time Of Filming?

Answer: Sudden death of Chadwick Boseman was the cause of the cancelation and then the producer decided to make the anime instead of a film.

Is Yusuke A Good Choice For Anime Lovers?

Answer: Yes, because it has a good storyline, character build-up, action, thrill, and so on. It’s a complete package of gathering knowledge at the same time having fun with the animation atmosphere.

Can A Samurai Marry?

Answer: They can. Their tradition of marriage is arranged. The bride of equal class standards or upper-class standards belongs to the samurai.

Does Yusuke Have Power?

Answer– Yes. Yusuke is an extremely powerful and skilled fighter. By the grace of Daiyom’s dark magic, this samurai can fight consistently for a long time with more power than he actually has. 

Final Words

At the end of Yasuke, that was a challenge for protagonist to save Japan from the extreme supernatural magical power. So, at that point, there may be a chance for creating Yasuke Season 2 for the Yasuke loving viewers. 

So from this point of view, we have to keep patience for the next season. Until then, have Haikyuu!! Season 5 and The Way Of The House Husband Season 2 on your watchlist.

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