Are you bored staying home in this pandemic?  If yes, then I have good news for you. In this article, I am going to tell you about Dollface Season 2, which is a sequel to the popular comedy-drama Dollface.

Well, the most awaited show named Dollface is back!

Since the debut season of this series was a super duper hit, the production team has decided to come back again with a blast. And today, I am here to share some interesting facts about the upcoming season of this show. 

So, let’s dive into it. 

First Release of Dollface: 

Dollface was a TV series that was aired through the OTT platform named Hulu. In Canada, this show was telecasted by Crave. The premiere was in 2019 November. Hence, the concept of this popular show was written by famous producer and writer Jordan Weiss. 

The production house of this show was Academy Award winner “Luckychap Entertainment”. Promising young woman, Birds of play, I Tonya were also made from this production house. The combined production houses were Clubhouse Pictures & ABC Signature Studio.


Dollface basically belongs to the comedy genre. The country origin of this show was the United States.  

What Happened In The Previous Season 

The first episode of Dollface season 1 started with a breakup scene of the main lead character named “Jule”.  Jule and Jeremy were in a relationship for a long time. They had spent lots of precious moments together.

In the relationship, Jule always thought of her relationship as the first priority. Suddenly her boyfriend broke up with her. So, Jule became so upset by her sudden break-up. 

After some days, she realized that she had lost almost all of her nearest friends due to her relationship. She became alone at that time. After a while, she managed herself and tried to catch up with her lost friends again. That’s how the story started.

After reunited with some of her friends named Madison and Stella, she convinced them to go to another best friend Wooms’ party. Although the friendship between the girls became rusty over time because Jule was busy with her boyfriend, they try to reconcile with each other after a few funny incidents.

The series continued with many hilarious incidents about the friends. They tried to reform their friends but every time something bad happened and they fell apart from each other.

The series ended with a blast. The group went to Mexico to attend Jule’s cousins’ wedding. Jule and Madison started arguing because Jeremy wanted to be together with Jule. But Jule rejected him in the end and the wedding spoiled because of some unwanted situations.

What Happened In The Previous Season 

What Will Happen In Dollface Season 2

Well, the first season ended with the group back to Los Angeles with the wedding car. You can assume the girl’s team will create some interesting and fun incidents in Los Angeles or may meet some new characters.

The second season will pick up from the wedding arc. However, the exact scenario is not disclosed by the creators. Hence, we have no other chance than to wait for the next season to air.

Release Date of Dollface Season 2:

The release date of Dollface Season 2 has not been announced yet. But the good news is season 2 is under production. Recently, the production house has released some clips from the second season. Therefore, we may need to wait for a few more days.

Social media Popularity:

Tremendous reactions had been shown by the audience during season 1. Around 589k people viewed the official trailer of the first season on YouTube.

16.8k followers are following the series on their official Instagram account.

Hundreds of fans are commenting on various Facebook pages regarding this drama.


From Rotten Tomatoes, the rating for this show was 58% and the audience score was 74%. IMDb scored 7.4 out of 10 for this show.


Is Dollface Good To Watch? 

Answer: Well, it’s literally an emotional comedy show. If you are in a bad mood, then definitely it is a better choice to make you smile by watching this.

Did Hulu Cancel Dollface? 

Answer: Yes, Hulu canceled this show. The upcoming season will appear on TV

How Many Episodes Are There In Season 1?

Answer: A total of 10 episodes were included in season 1.


Dollface showed us what happens if you don’t take care of your friends. This series inspired us to make time for friends and family to live a better life. I hope Dollface Season 2 will depict some more interesting stories in the comedy set for us to heal our souls from the everyday struggles. 

And hence you are waiting for the next season, you better watch Alone Season 6 or Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 and have a good time with your loved ones.

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