You’ve probably already heard that there’s a new addition to the predator franchise and you are getting real excited to see what it’s all about, but will you be able to see it in theaters or will you have to spend money on a digital or physical copy instead of cinema tickets?

Stick around to find out!

Will prey be in Theaters? Find Out!

Everyone and their cat has heard of this franchise called Predator, a franchise that’s been around since the late 80s with its first hit movie released in 1987 with the lead character played by no other than Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This movie has always been a fan favorite since it had amazing effects and a rich storyline for the time, but with every success, failure follows. Just like every mega franchise this one also has its ups and downs.

The last couple of movies from the Franchise have been a total bust with many people even fans criticizing them.

But this movie might be the one that shifts the tides and gives the franchise a rebirth it so deserves hints why the movie is going by a new creative title “Prey”.

The upcoming film is billed as a prequel that takes long before the events of the first film, telling the story of the very first member of the Predator species to visit Earth. Though not much else is known about the movie.

Prey is set to be released on the 5th of August 2022. It will be watchable on the streaming platform Hulu. As of now, there are no plans to release Prey in theaters. Even though 20th Century Studios is behind the film’s production, Prey has been officially labeled as a “Hulu Original”.

This means that the film will be released exclusively on the Hulu platform, making a theatrical release highly unlikely.

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