One Punch Man has always been the anime that really close to my heart from the very beginning. This anime has the most versatile character list and one of the most interesting characters is Mumen Rider. And ever since his appearance, everyone is asking will Mumen Rider break his limiter?’

Well, there are various contradictory theories and arguments about Mumen Rider and his Hero Status. Some fans think that in the next season, we can witness his promotion as a Hero whereas, others guess that he will never be able to break the limiter.

Let’s explore more through the rest of the part of this article.

Mumen Rider Powers:

Among the Top Ranked heroes of Hero organization and other sidekicks, Mumen Rider sure is an exceptional character. He lacks any superpower to be called a Top Class hero but his unlimited will power drags him everywhere to help people from the monsters.

He showedhas excellent strength to fight against Angry Grandpa. He stood fearlessly against Deep Sea King and many thought he could have broken his limiter and be a top ranked hero. He showed enhanced pain suppression, durability and defense tactics in that fight.

And when he knows that he cannot win the fight, he still fights against him to buy some power for Saitama to arrive. This powerless rider alone has saved countless people’s lives.

Will Mumen Rider Break His Limiter?

To break someone’s power limiter means that he will be capable of beating any monster and can fight against the evil doers. In order to break the limiter, the hero needs to have discipline, aim, determination, strong will power to be the best hero.

Even though Mumen Rider is a student of AWA Academy, he is only a Class C hero. The association wanted to promote him to B class but he believed he wasn’t worthy of the title. As you can see, he lacks determination but is full of courage and good deeds.

In the case of Mumen, he has already acknowledged that he is weak and can never be stronger even if he trains. So, he gave up training and started to help people from dangers. He was on the verge of near death experience but he never actually tried to improve his rank or break his limiter.

Many fans believe that the Rider has already reached his limit. And since he has no super hero ability, it is not possible to break the limiter with only human strength and will power. And to be honest, I personally think he is not even trying to.


Mumen Rider has already shown his courage and heroism by fighting the foes he knew he couldn’t beat. But he never showed any cowardly action and became the pure hero with the strong will to help the people in need.

For the sake of his character development, the creators will make the best decision if he never tries to break his limiter. This will be the perfect justice to his character.

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