Are you looking for a time-worthy family drama for spending some quality time with your beloved family? Then When Calls the Heart should be your must-watch drama series.

That’s because When Calls the Heart is a very popular family drama series that will give you a heartwarming feeling after watching.

And if you are already a fan of this drama series, I know that you want to know more about When Calls The Heart Season 8 that has been aired on 21st February 2021. In this article, you will be able to know everything about this season.

So let’s begin.

The Premier of When Calls The Heart Season 1:

This drama was inspired by the book ” When Calls The Heart ” which was a part of the Canadian west series written by Janette Oke. Hallmark Channel premiered this series with season 1 on January 11th, 2014.  When Calls The Heart Season 1 had 12 episodes.

The main production house of this series was Believe Pictures. But after that, this series was produced by different production houses named Brad Crevoy, Television,  Jordan films. Besides the Hallmark Channel, Super Channel also aired this drama in Canada.

When Calls The Heart Season 8

What Happened In The Previous Season Of When Calls The Heart?

In When Calls The Heart season 1, the story of this drama started with the main character named Elizabeth Thatcher who belonged to a well-off family. She had to complete her teaching assignment in Coal Valley. It was a very small coal-mining town located in Western Canada in the 1910s. Although the setting was historically inspired, the story was only fictional.

Other than the sizzling romance of the first season, some conspiracy pivoted the coal mine which eventually led to the church arson case. After many eventful episodes and twisted turns in each season, the story has evolved in many aspects.

After losing her husband Jack, Elizabeth’s life became harder. But some new people entered Hope valley and changed the flow of the sequences. When Calls The Heart Season 7 covered more about the tension between Elizabeth, Lucas, and Nathan.

Lucas helped her in many ways and confessed his feelings without any hesitation. But Nathan had a really hard time figuring out his emotions and telling the truth to her crush. That’s why season 8 was most awaited so that it reveals the true feelings of Elizabeth.

Release Date Of Season 8:

Well, like all of the fans of this series worldwide, I was also waiting for Season 8 to air. And fortunately, it has already aired with huge success. Season 8 started airing on February 21, 2021, and finished on May 9, 2021.

Now, if you still haven’t watched it, catch it on Netflix. After that keep Frontier Season 4, and The Devil is A Part Timer Season 2 on your watch list to enjoy a more exciting series.

What Is The Plot Of When Calls The Heart Season 8?

This season was mainly featured on Elizabeth’s confession. Elizabeth was so much confused about her feelings toward the other two main characters of this drama named Lucas and Nathan. Her true heart calling was for Lucas, not for Nathan. 

Since I will not give you any spoilers, you have to watch the 8th season of When Calls The Heart to know more about what happened to this love triangle.  The season became more interesting after the confession part. So hurry up and watch it.

What Is The Release Date Of When Calls The Heart Season 9?

Season 9 will air at beginning of 2022. Recently, an official announcement was made by Hallmark Channel. This season will also be available on OTT  platforms. The filming of this new season was started by July 21 this year, confirmed by the producer Brian Bird. 


The drama was loved by both the audiences and the viewers. So, the cast and crew received some prestigious awards. One of those was the ASCAP award for the Top Television series of 2015. 

Nevertheless, the best composition award by ASCAP,  WCTH award in 2015, and IMDB Pro Award was very significant. And these awards are more than enough to express how worthy it is to watch this drama.


IMDB rating was 8.1 and Rotten Tomatoes was 52%.

 Release Date Of When Calls The Heart Season 9


How many episodes are there in Season 8?

Answer- There are a total of 12 episodes aired in this season. 

Is Jack Dead on When Calls The Heart?

Answer: Jack died in season 5 while attending training. He tried to save two recruits but unfortunately died.

Is When Calls the Heart Season 8 available on the OTT platform?

Answer- Yes. This series is available on Amazon Prime, Netflix as well as on Vidgo website.


So, be with us for the interesting upcoming updates for this worldwide popular drama. We know being patient is indeed so tough for us as audiences who are eagerly waiting for this drama. So, we want to keep you updated all the time.

When Calls the Heart season 8 is an expression of a practical life story full of romance, laughter, sadness, and difficulties related to our real lives. 

Keep safe yourselves and wait for the upcoming new season. Hope it will be one of your best-watching memories after having watched the final turn of this famous drama.

Happy watching. 

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