Some viewers still think that season 2 of Moshoku Tensei has not been released yet. Some fans of the anime are unsure if the season that finished in December 2021 was the 2nd Cour of the 1st season or the 2nd season itself.

To make it clear, the upcoming season of Moshoku Tensei is, without a doubt, the 2nd Season of the renowned series. But here were shall be providing all the details regarding the 3rd season, which recently got announced even before the 2nd season came out.

And now, let us get to it.

Bottom Line Up Front

Even though the animation for Moshoku Tensei Season 2 has not yet been released, the release date for Season 3 is rapidly approaching.

However, a second season was reported to be in the works in March 2022, and it was revealed in July 2022 that the second season would be published in 2023. The leaker alleges that season 3’s production was approved early on.

Sugoi LITE, an anime news leaker, said on May 5, 2021, that Moshoku Tensei Season 3 and Season 2 of both were already in progress.

It should also be mentioned that during Nico Live in November 2021, Manabu Okamoto, the director of Moshoku Tensei, was questioned about the potential for a movie adaptation of the anime. According to him, the likelihood of a movie adaptation depends on how well the anime TV show is received by its audience. 

What Is The Plot Of “Moshoku Tensei”?

The anime Moshoku Tensei Episode 23 ends on a cliffhanger, showing Sylphy with her friends, which makes us curious and eagerly anticipate Moshoku Tensei season 3 whether she can locate her master. She gathers every available information about Rudy from a company and is driven to track down his boyhood pal.

The manga and light novel series of the same name by Rifu Na Magode served as the inspiration for the Isekai anime series.

A jobless guy who is reborn in a mystical planet and begins a new life without any regrets is the subject of this narrative. But the ghosts of his former existence still stalk him.

He makes an effort, nonetheless, to enjoy his new existence to the fullest under the direction of the human deity. So far, one season has been made available and the 2nd is nearing its release date. Let’s check the release date for Mushoku Tensei Season 3.

With the release of Moshoku Tensei Season 3, an astonishing new chapter in the life of Rudeus “Rudy” Greyrat starts. However, when will the third season of Moshoku Tensei (Isekai Iitara Honkai Desu) premiere?

Moshoku Tensei Season 3 Release Date and Time

The Moshoku Tensei, the third season of Moshoku Tensei has been formally announced by Studio Bind. New promotional images and videos have also been made public. Rudeus is still in the process of finding his family.

Previously, word that a second season was in the works was leaked via well-known mangaka Sugio LITE. Nevertheless, Egg Firm or Bind have not yet provided a precise release date.

Instead of the anticipated third season of Moshoku Tensei, the following season will be the second. So why are fans hoping for a third season when there isn’t one?

In truth, the Covid-19 epidemic caused the 1st season to be split into two courses, which is why fans believe the upcoming season will be Part 3. But the second portion is what matters. There will be a total of 24 uninterrupted episodes featuring solely rioting. An OVA corresponding to episode 16 of the anime series was just published by its makers on March 16, 2022.

Only Eris was the primary character in an additional episode named “Goblin Slayer’s Eris.” Cliff, a Bratmage who was inspired by Ellis’ skills and formed a desire to marry her, was also introduced in this episode. Even the marriage proposal was turned down.

The light book is presently serialized for up to 25 volumes, and another world anime is also highly well-liked. Only six of these volumes—out of a total of 23—are covered in the 23-episode season, and Homecoming His storyline marks the end of the narrative.

Rudeus’s adventure traveling with Roxy and Sylphy begins in Season 2. Episodes 1 through 12 of Moshoku Tensei Second Cour will be made available until December 20, 2021, starting on October 4, 2021. A cool Rudy banner thanking fans for viewing the series was displayed at the end of the final episode. There are 12 episodes in Moshoku Tensei Season 2, and they last around 23 minutes each.

How many episodes will Moshoku Tensei have?

The anime series “unemployed tensei” now has 23 episodes. The final Season 2 (October 4, 2021 to December 20, 2021) featured 12 episodes, whereas Season 1 (January 11, 2021 to March 22, 2021) had a total of 11 episodes. There are 23 episodes in all, therefore it is complete. When Moshoku Tensei Season 3 debuts in 2023, there will be more episodes than before.

What will happen in Moshoku Tensei Season 3?

The first season finale of Moshoku Tensei saw Rudeus with memories of his past weighing on him. On the Begaritto Continent, Rudeus’ mother rushes to him. When Rudy learns that Roxy is seeking for her family, he too makes the decision to get up and continue his adventure.

The main character has moved on from her previous existence, leaving all of her concerns and tears of sorrow behind. The mother of Rudeus begins her adventure in Moshoku Tensei Season 3.

Until he locates Zenith, Rudeus is unwilling to feel like coming home. Additionally, when Roxy approaches them, Demon Lord Kishirika reunites with them after learning of her location via Roxy. Rudy and Shipley have reconnected, and their love is unfathomably intense.

Greyrat, however, feels Elise’s absence deeply in Rudeus, and while he concentrates on locating Elise’s mother, he also takes yet another risk in an effort to shed the burden Elise has left on him. To block off thoughts of love and loneliness, he makes an effort to have new activities. Roxy may run across Rudy as she is traveling to the kingdom where Rudy’s mother resides. In Season 3 of Moshoku Tensei, Rudy continues his quest to find his family, but there’s a catch: he’s really seeking for them.


The hype around this show has been massive. Ever since its release, it’s fan base has grown bigger by the day. And for good reason too. The animation, soundtracks, action choreography, and every other aspect of this show is outstanding. I just hope that they continue this excellent production moving forward.

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