Spring 2022 was a good season for anime, with titles like Spy x Family, Summer time rendering and many more. Aside from Spy x Family which took the community by storm, another anime that stood out the most, both in storyline and adaptation was Summer Time Rendering.

The anime follows a boy named Shinpei, who after the death of his friend/crush, Ushio, returns to his home town. But what he finds there changes his entire life.

He gets involved with a sinister group of Supernatural beings which now threaten his and his friends’ lives. And amongst this chaos, Shinpei gets stuck in a loop, which reverses time to a specific spot in the past whenever he gets killed.

The intricate plot of this anime served as an instant hook for many fans out there. Some were left wondering how the outcome of this story would be like. Would Shinpei be able to save his friends, family, and most importantly, Ushio?

How does this amazing Thriller conclude? In this article, this query shall be addressed with every needed detail.

So without any further ado, let’s begin!

What Happens At The End Of Summer Time Rendering?

To put it in simple words, Shinpei succeeds In his quest to save Ushio. After multiple deaths, after many failed attempts, and so many hardships, Shinpei’s resolve comes through and he gets back his love, Ushio.

The final chapter of Summer Time Rendering manga depicts Shinpei’s return to Hitogashima to finally embrace his feelings for Ushio. Let’s take a deeper look at the final chapter.

Summer Time Rendering Chapter 139

After his long awaited victory against the “Shadows”, the main villains of the series, and rewriting time so that Ushio never died at their hands, Shinpei once again relives July 22nd as he returns to Hitogashima. His memories of the battle against the “Shadows” is a mere flickering feeling at this point.

He gets off the ferry and Hizuru Minakata passes by his side, she too unbeknownst to the events that took place. Mio and his friends arrive to receive him. Seeing them happy and joyously conversing with one another, a feeling of happiness courses through Shinpei, but he remains unsure why.

He tries to remember why he came back in the first place, then a sudden realization reminds him of Ushio, that he received a call from her a few days back. He, along with Mio, heads to meet Ushio at the restaurant, but she isn’t present.

The urge to meet her drags Shinpei to the beach, where a maiden stands with her back towards him.

In a slow, mesmerized whisper, Shinpei speaks, “Ushio…?”. She turns, their eyes meet, and comes she running into his arms. Both share a tear dripping but relieving moment where both apologize for the things they said and did.

Two days later, Shinpei visits Hizuru, telling her about these strange, fading memories of his. She too has some recollection but merely as dreams. Both ponder over these strange events.

Next day is the fireworks festival. Everyone dresses up in their beautiful Kemono’s, heading to enjoy the fire works display. Amidst the crowd, Shinpei meets eyes with Ushio. As the two converse, a moment of peace sparkles in their eyes, as the fire works begin. Ushio, with a big smile, utters “Welcome Back”.

And so the story of these two destined souls comes to an end. After many loops, their feelings finally arrive home.


What Kind Of A Story Is Summer Time Rendering?

Answer: Summer Time Render is mainly a Supernatural, mystery and Thriller series. Though the element of romance holds slight significance as the main motivation for Shinpei is to save Ushio, his childhood friend and romantic interest.

Aside from that, this is a story about a young man who, for the sake of love, overcomes treacherous and most horrific hurdles.

Who Killed Ushio?

Answer: Ushio looses her life at the hands of a “Shadow”. As depicted in the first episode of the series, Ushio drowned in the river while saving young Shiori.

But the truth is that both undergo an Ill fated encounter with a “Shadow”, who takes form of Shiori, intent on killing her. The Shadow Shiori drags the actual one into the river, and as Ushio manages to save her, the Shadow Shiori strangles and kills Ushio.

Does Mio Love Shinpei?

Answer: Yes, Mio loves Shinpei. She’s been in love with him since childhood. Ever since they were childhood friends, Mio took a liking to Shinpei’s personality, which as the two grew, developed into a one sided love.

But alas, the two were never fated to end up together. Despite Mio’s attraction, Shinpei only sees her as a younger sister. Even Mio realizes that Shinpei only has eyes for Ushio. Fortunately, she comes to accept this fate, and happily gives up Shinpei to Ushio.

Final Thoughts

For my few final words, I’d just like to appreciate the author, Yasuki Tanaka, for this marvelous Thriller. And thank him for the well deserved ending he provided for both the leads.

The powerful blend of Supernatural and mystery that this show displays was an instant hook. Every character was well build, every twist was unexpected, and every moment was amazing to read.

That is all for this article. Here was all the information about the ending of Summer Time Render. If this was of any help, feel free to check out some other helpful articles posted. I’ll see you in the next one.

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