If you are a fan of TV series based on dramatic and twisted plots, then Wentworth, especially Wentworth season 8 is a must-watch. And in this article, I am going to tell you the reasons for such a statement of mine.

The last few seasons of Wentworth literally proved its worth. So, you can actually invest your time in this series and will never get bored.

The struggle of Bea Smith as a prisoner in ‘Wentworth’ and many other characters surrounding her will hook you up to watch every episode of it.

Now, I know that you want to know more about it. Let’s get started.

The First Release of Wentworth:

Being an Australian TV drama series, this show premiered by SoHo in May 2013. The series started describing the story of a prison, the concept of which was not so familiar. Hence, from the very first episode, this show attracted a lot of viewers.

Obviously, most of them love the show because they love drama. And for those who have a passion for reality shows can watch The Curse of Oak Island Season 8.

Wentworth Season 8

Parent Show:

Some say that Wentworth is a mirror image of ‘Prisoner’, a series aired in 1979. Others think that the show is adapted from Prison Cell Block H.

But the fact is, the concept was originally created by Reg Watson. After that, Lara Radulovich and David Hannam created the show according to modern-day lifestyle.


Bea Smith was a typical housewife and mother who tried to kill her abusive husband. The first five seasons pivoted solely around her past life and current life in the rehabilitation center. After that, other main characters were introduced to the show.

The story mainly focused on a normal person who learned how to adapt in the prison. Her struggle to survive among the other criminals, the relationship between the prisoners and the officers, and also life outside the prison walls, took this series to a whole new level in the history of drama series.

Wentworth Season 8 Release Date: [Update: month20]

This season already aired on July 28, 2020. The season started with the violent siege and the process of trying to fix the stress of this traumatic event. With Ann Reynolds taking over the position of General Manager, Wentworth started to bring changes in the budget.

Again, creators shed light on the dilemma between parenthood and work through Vera and Jake. Moreover, the reason why Linda Miles hit a prisoner out of anger was also revealed in this season.

And if you want to know what happened with Joan Ferguson, Brenda Murphy, Rita, Detective Morelli, and who won the ‘top dog‘ place in the hierarchy of the prison, it is better to start watching the show now.

What is special about Wentworth?

From the very beginning, Wentworth not only told us stories about the rehabilitation of criminals but also many other aspects of human psychology. In this modern world, we have to face new challenges every day. Wentworth showed us how to cope with it somewhere in between.

I know you may think a series can get really boring after so many seasons. But Wentworth certainly is different. Just like all the fans of Gotham are still waiting for Gotham Season 6 to air.

Now, for a change, you can try watching Love Alarm even though you are not a drama fan. I saw it a few days ago and now I am watching Love Alarm Season 2. Trust me, this series shows another level of romance.

Is there Wentworth Season 9 ?

Actually, the last season of this series was divided into two parts. Therefore, Part B, as the last season of this series will cover all the story endings. The title of this season has not been decided yet.

So, the last season of this show can be titled Season 8: Part B or Season 9. With the resurrection and redemption of the characters, the Wentworth Season 9 release date is going to be October 26 or 27. The last season will be premiered on Netflix.


In 2015, 2018, and 2019, Wentworth had received Most Outstanding Drama Series and won the prize of the Most Popular Drama Program in 2018.

For the amazing storytelling and star cast, the series was nominated for numerous awards. Among them, AACTA Awards, ASTRA Awards, Australian Directors Guild Awards, and Equity Awards were prestigious ones.


Along with IMDB 8.6/10 rating, 95% of Google users have liked this show so far.


How many seasons of Wentworth?

Answer: Total 8 seasons so far. The final season, consisting of 10 episodes, will air from October 2021.

Where can you watch the show?

Answer: The show is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sky go, and My5.

Is it worth watching?

Answer: Of course. Start watching from season 1 and you will jump to the next episode every single time.

Final words:

Wentworth Season 8 received good reviews from both the audience and the critics. The cast and crew of this show tried their best to make the show a hit. If you look at the nominations and awards, you will understand why this show is so popular.

Like all other loyal fans of Wentworth, I will wait for the final part to come. Until then, you can watch from the first season to reminiscence the whole plot or watch only season 8 to jog your memory.  

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