With summer 2022 came many new and enticing shows. Once such being ‘Vermeil In Gold’. Here we shall be recapping the 5th Episode of the show, titled ‘Rampage’. Let’s begin!


The Story of ‘Vermeil In Gold’ revolves around an average young boy named Alto, student at the Royal Ortigia Magic Academy, who is on the verge of failing his summoning class. One day, he accidentally stumbles upon an ancient magic grimoire, which just happens to hold a summoning ritual.

Scared to fail his class, Alto make a last minute desperate attempt to summon a creature using that grimoire. But what he does summon is no ordinary being, but a Top-tier Demon Scourge, Vermeil.

Now as her familiar, Vermeil necessitates magical energy, which she obtains from Alto through acts of passionate Kisses throughout the day. Lilia, Alto’s childhood friend, is ever too envious to Vermeil getting “comfortable” with Alto. And thus begins the journey of Alto and Vermeil!

Episode 5 ‘Rampage’ – Recap

The opening scene depicts the early life of Rex Forward. During one of his early days at the academy, while summoning his first ever familiar, what he managed to summon was a big egg. Unlike the others who summoned actual beasts, Fox was actually happy at his summon, thinking of it as a Dragon Egg that’ll one day hatch and become his friend. As he was happily carrying the egg out of class, Chris appeared and they began talking.

In the present, both Alto and Vermeil are outside, shopping for groceries. While walking across the alley, Vermeil spots a sweets shop and asks Alto to buy her one. He refuses at first, but later caves to her persistence. As a thank you for his generosity, Vermeil slowly holds Alto in her arms, embracing him with a soft kiss to the lips.

Embarrassed, Alto quickly moves away, telling Vermeil how inappropriate it is to kiss in public. This only entices her more, as she once again locks lip with Alto, this time drinking his mana.

As the crowd watches, a boy comes running, asking both for their help. Elsewhere, Chris is engaged in a heated duel with what seems like Rex possessed by a dragon spirit. His face slowly transforming, Rex overpowers Chris to the brink of death. That is when Alto and Vermeil arrive on scene, taking Chris out of the fight. On the other hand, Rex transforms into a cocoon of sort, nearing his transformations into a Dragon.

Alto readies himself for the fight, but before he can do anything, a warrior maiden flashes past him. She, with shimmering agility, nears Rex and with a single clean slash, separates him from the dragon. The unconscious Rex lays on the ground, while the maiden is revealed to be Elena Kimberlight, Student Council President of Ortigia Academy.

Rex is taken to the infirmary, whereas a Student Council meeting his held to figure out the cause behind this situation. Midway through the meeting, Chris gets upset on the fact that Elena bested her friend, and leaves.

Elsewhere, Alto, Lilia and Vermeil are also discussing the previous situation. As they converse, Vermeil asks to return to her room, which is weird since she never leaves Alto alone. Nonetheless, as she is heading to her room, Professor Obsidian crosses paths with her. Vermeil immediately figures out that it was him that caused Rex to turn rampant. The professor apparently has a “Low-Tier” demon under his control.

Vermeil, however, is the least interested in his plans and walks away. Just then, The Professor catches her off guard and injects her with a strange serum, causing her to loose control.

Meanwhile, Alto and Lilia are in the library, when the slave crest on his hand begins to hurt. An unsettlingly sinister mana takes over the entire sky, turning it pitch black. Elena too senses the mana and makes way towards it, but a strange cross shaped paper tries to sneak up on her. She immediately notices and with a single, clean slash, severs it in two. The paper begins multiplying and soon takes form of a strange being, with its face hidden beneath a cloth.

Just then, a demonic Vermeil is revealed to be awakening. This dark, sinister side of Vermeil, with a single stroke of her hand, wipes out a large chunk of the land. Professor Obsidian watches in awe at the unimaginable strength of a True Demon.

Final Words

Well, this episode surely was a banger. This may be were the actual plot of the show kicks in. Seeing Vermeil in this vulnerable state, what will Alto do? Will he be able to save his beloved familiar? What was that strange creature which halted Elena? Soo many questions, so little time. Stick around for the next episode, which will be posted here as soon as it arrives.

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