Staple entertainment’s anime, the vermeil in gold, appears to be a huge hit this summer, attracting more and more fans as it goes on. Although the anime is nearing its ending with the completion of 6 episodes, which was released on the 9th of August 2022, I know you’re aching to find out when the 7th is coming out.

With that said, let’s jump right into it

Vermeil in Gold Episode 7 Release Date

Vermeil in gold is a newly debuted anime of summer 2022, it has an element of fantasy with demons and monsters along with an excellent storyline that has been a massive hit thus far, making everyone fall in love with it all around the world.

The anime first aired on 5th July 2022 and became a sensation worldwide. After the latest launch of episode 6, ‘wish’, which was aired on 9th August 2022, the fans are anticipation the release of the 7th episode with the title ‘confession’; just the title alone is enough to pump the fans up with curiosity.

In the last episode, the wild monstrous vermeil breaks the magic chain and attempts to kill Obsidian. To her surprise, Alto saves obsidian by blocking her attack and gets severely hurt as a result. Watching this scene unfold, vermeil attacks obsidian again out of rage, but Alto stops her and restricts her from attacking, before he faints. Vermeil then turns back to normal and begins to heal him.

Obsidian, on the other hand, unable to believe that a demon is capable of healing, infuses himself with the demon formula and transforms into a hideous demon. He then attacks vermeil proclaiming to kill them all, but vermeil knocks him out in a single blow.

As for the fact that how vermeil, a demon, was able to heal Alto was that she linked their life force together and was only able to heal him because of their contract, vermeil then coldly suggests that she should keep her distance from Alto, to which he refuses and envelope her lips leaving vermeil flustered.

Episode 7 ‘confession’ is going to be aired on 16th August 2022, so buckle up, fellows, for this Tuesday since this could be the silence before the storm. 

The plot of Vermeil In Gold

The story revolves around a diligent young mage who studies magic at the Ortigia academy; despite his good grades and 100% effort, he’s having a difficult time summoning magic. Desperate to acquire this skill, he comes across an old book and summons a powerful demon called Vermeil.

She decides to serve Alto as gratitude for releasing her and becomes his familiar, but there’s a catch; every time they kiss, vermeil absorbs Alto’s mana. Although it didn’t bother him at first, however, little did he know what he was in for. 


This anime is a total cocktail for those who are always craving a good piece of work, and the reason why this anime became such a big hit is solely because of its excellent plot and its character design. The fans of this genre are eagerly anticipating the airing of the newest episode, which is going to be on the 16th of August on Tuesday.

The hype is huge, and the story is at its peak, so stay with us and find out more about Vermeil in Gold in another post till then; hold your horses and be a little patient till august 16th.

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