The new anime that has aired this summer from Staple Entertainment proved to be a massive hit with fans of the genre, the anime aired on the 5th of July this year. The anime has reached it’s 5th episode that aired on the 2nd of August 2022 and you’re eager to know when the 6th episode airs.

Stick around to find out!

Vermeil in Gold Episode 6 Release Date

Vermeil in Gold is a new anime that aired this summer. An anime with fantasy elements and a great plot line. Even though the anime only has 5 episodes it has proven to be a massive hit, pulling fans from all over the world for the plot.

Its story is about a teenage wizard who summons a demon by the name of Vermeil. Vermeil then proves to be a very needed ally in the life of our protagonist.

She helps him through battles and other tasks all for the price of his manna which she gains by doing questionable acts to the protagonist.

This plot line has proven to pull in a lot of attention from fans garnering a huge mass of hype surrounding it making it a really good anime to see and has gotten fans to eagerly wait for the airing of its newest episode.

The newest episode will take off where the anime left in the last episode, so buckle up for this Tuesday the 9th of August 2022 for the sixth episode of the first season.

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