Uncle From Another World is a new Isekai-type anime that portrays the story of one Uncle who has recently woken up from a seventeen-year coma and abuses his powers to gain YouTube views, This anime has a lot to offer from real-world references to many humorous moments, so of course, the anime has garnered a huge following.

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Uncle From Another world episode 2 release date

Uncle From Another World even if it has a lot of Isekai elements is pretty unique, The Uncle while in his coma traveled to a magical world where he has gained his powers, the same powers that he abuses to score a big revenue from YouTube views.

This anime is one of the best Isekai animes to air this summer all because of its unique plot line and great characters.

Showing real-world references like Sega games and Sonic The Hedgehog which have a major part in the overall story of the protagonist’s life serving as a memory scene of the Uncle’s childhood.

These references show that the creators of the show went to great lengths to make the story even more interesting without having to create silly new names for the video games and companies in question. The team behind the anime has put a lot of passion and dedication into the creation of this anime.

So that is why this anime is a must-watch if you’re into Isekai-type animes. The show portrays an unpredictable storyline with scenes even from the other world.

We can only wait to see how the story continues in the second episode that is set to air on Wednesday the 13th of August 2022.

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