If you are a true fan of the dark fantasy, crime, and horror genre, then I have great news for you. A new series has been released on Netflix Original Network recently. So, next time you go anime surfing, try watching Trese.

In my opinion, a story like this has appeared on Netflix as a form of animated series after a long time.

In this article, you will get to know the plot, release date, origin, and everything you need to know about this brand-new anime.

So, let’s get started.

First Streaming of TRESE 

The anime is based on an award-winning famous Philippino novel written by Budjette Tan and adorned by Kajo Baldisimo.  The premiere date was 10 June 2021, exclusively on Netflix. It is a BASE Entertainment production series. 

What Was The Plot of TRESE?

The story started when Anton Trese and Miranda Trese were expecting a baby.  But they didn’t know that they would be blessed with twin children. Later. one of the twins, Alexandra Trese found out that her father sacrificed her to escape an ominous prediction. 

The prediction resulted from the affection of extreme dark secrets and evil monsters. Her father was a legend in Manila because he had the knowledge to tie up supernatural power within humans. And under such circumstances, Trese gained some power to see the devil too in her dreams.

trese netflix release date

What Happened in TRESE?

Supernatural power with criminal investigations involved with lots of fantasy and adventure made this anime an exceptional one. The protagonist, Trese, had a rough childhood though became an investigator later. But She had to investigate each of her cases involving supernatural black energy.

She became puzzled every time and had to face challenges to complete her cases. It was full of horrible and chaotic atmosphere for her to control in the city. When the supernatural power influenced the people of Manila to an extreme level, the cops hired Alexandra Trese to solve the mysterious cases.

At the end of it, Trese was about to stop Datu from spreading his supernatural power but she couldn’t do that. No matter how much Trese and her allies tried to defeat Datu, they were unsuccessful.

Well, I will not give you any spoilers but TRESE season 1 ended with a  dramatic and exciting conclusion. Thus, we have no choice but to wait for another season.

Will There Be Any Chance To Have TRESE  Season 2 ?

As per as we know, Trese was animated from a famous Philippino comic series. The series has been published since 2005. Almost 13 cases are in the book. So, we can definitely expect to have next season.  

But there is no official announcement yet. Therefore while waiting, try to watch Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean or Restaurant To Another World Season 2.

Social Media Popularity:

From the audience poll, this show has already received much appreciation and support. The percentage of the popularity of this show is approximately 79% which is really unexpected.

Basically, the anime was based on the historical mythology of Filipino culture.   The anime lovers are already familiar with Japanese or Korean culture. Hence, the stories of this new show quickly became popular.

Already 22k posts used the Trese hashtag on Instagram.

Trese comic and novel lovers on Facebook made thousands of posts as well.

On Netflix Philippines’ official channel on YouTube, 568K people viewed the official trailer. I think you can imagine how many people have already watched this show already.


Since the anime just got released, it has not received any awards yet. But The Graphic Novels received National Book Award for Best Graphic literature in 2010 and  Filipino Readers Choice Award for Best Comics/Graphic novels.


IMDb scored 7.1 for this show. On the other hand, the ratings of Rotten Tomatoes are 3 out of 5.

Will There Be Any Chance To Have TRESE  Season 2


Is there any other Philippino show on Netflix?

Answer: No, as a Philippino animation show, it is the first one to enter the OTT platform.

Is Trese a good one?

Answer: Well, if you are a fan of dark mystery, this one is time-worthy.

Did Trese have bodyguards?

Answer: Yes, Trese has two hard-working and honest bodyguards. They have a magical mask which makes them different and more powerful.

How did Anton Trese die?

Answer: In the battle when Kambal was trying to save Anton’s life, he ordered him to stop saving him and save Trese as an alternative to his life.  But by the influence of supernatural powers, Anton started to lose control of himself and died.

Final Approach 

As a Philipino comic, Trese is just about full of adventures and excitement. The cliffhangers created suspense after every episode. Moreover, Folklore storytelling was framed in the overall show very smoothly.

Hope you will love watching this anime. And please be aware of your health everyone and stay away from unwanted crises in this pandemic situation.  And have patience for the next exciting season of TRESE. 

Till then, have a good life everyone. 

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