Greek Mythology has always had a big appeal in western drama series. And that’s why Tidelands has got huge popularity. Even still now, the viewers remember the characters of this drama.

So it is obvious that the passionate viewers are looking for the next season. Now, the question is, whether the Tidelands season 2 will come or not. Yes, Tidelands Season 2 release is going to be 10 December 2021.

Like you, I am also waiting for the sequel. And let’s try to find much more information here. 

Can We Expect For Tidelands Season 2?

After the first season, everyone is waiting for the second installation of Tidelands, and so am I.

Season 1 of Tidelands was so good that I searched everything about the second season and I ended up with some information.

So, now I am going to share those things with you. Well, let’s begin with the possibility of the second season of Tidelands.

After the research, frankly speaking, the Tidelands season 2 is dicey. There is no official announcement by Netflix whether there will be any further series or not.

But it’s a fact that more than one year has passed since season 1 of Tidelands was premiered and it makes things vague.

Generally, it takes two to three months for Netflix to announce the renewal of any show by supervising the figures, numbers as well as a success within that time.

It is noteworthy that, after the first season, Tidelands got an average review which makes things unpredictable.

On the other hand, Tidelands got four out of five stars on IMDb. Moreover, in the review section, it got an 86 % approval rate (Rotten Tomatoes).

So, if the series can manage the Australian audience, then there will be hope for the second season of Tidelands.

Tidelands Season 2

What Can Be The Story Of The Second Season Of Tidelands?

Well, if you have watched the first season, you may know that the story of Tidelands is based on Orphelin Bay.

Some minacious people known as Tidelanders attacked that Orphelin Bay. The Tidelanders were half-humans and half-sirens.

According to Greek Mythology, sirens are threatening creatures and they are used to attract sailors with mystic voices as well as melodious music.

In the first season, some leading characters died and I think this story will be connected to the second season.

We saw that Cal McTeer ended up after Augie, her brother. The fans believe that Cal is part-human and part-siren as well as can be the current queen. But for that, she needs to win against Adrielle.

Well, that’s my imagination about the second series. But your vision may differ from mine. So, let us know what you think is going to happen in the second season of Tidelands.

Who Will Be There In Tidelands Season 2?

You already know that many characters have died in the first season. So, if you ask about the characters of the second season, it will be a hard task.

According to my opinion, it is a must for Charlotte Best to return in the second season because she has to play the new queen role which is Cal McTeer.

In the first season, Dylan and Augie stayed alive, so I think they will return in the upcoming season.

But I’m not sure about Elsa Pataky as she was vanquished as the queen of Tidelanders. 

Final Words:

I must say, Tidelands is an amazing series to watch. There are so many turning points that excited me the most.

So, watch it and keep the excitement for the next season.

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