I heard about the Masked Singer from one of my friends. Later, I started to watch this reality show and till now, I have watched all the episodes.

You know it is awesome reality show that you shouldn’t miss. What’s more? You will feel thrilled watching this musical show as the performers sing hiding their faces by masks.

Among all the episodes, I enjoyed the 3rd episode. The Masked Singer Season 4 was full of thrill and enjoyment.

Haven’t you started watching this reality show? Then I must start watching from the 1st episode. And before that, Let’s have a glimpse of the Masked Singer Season 1. 

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When Was The First Episode Premiere?

The Masked Singer 

First Episode

If you are a reality show lover, then knowing about this show is a must as it has been talked about all over the town. It’s an American top-secret celebrity reality singing competition that premiered on Fox.

In The Masked Singer, celebrities face off against each other. And the main twist of the show is their faces are concealed with full-face masks for hiding their identity.

It is a part of the Masked Singer franchise that started in South Korea where celebrities wear head-to-toe costumes and their faces are also covered with masks

Fox Broadcasting Company is broadcasting this show and it is presented by Nick Cannon. Till now, two episodes have been published and the third one is on the day. The first episode of the show premiered on January 2, 2019, and the second episode was on January 9, 2019.

There is a panelist group that includes Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, and Robin Thicke. Along with them, a guest panelist appeared in each episode and that increased the appeal of the show.

The panelists are here to guess who the singers are and they vote after the performances were done.

In total, twelve celebrities are participating in this show in newly created full-bodied costumes and their faces are also concealed with masks.

Well, they don’t reveal their identity but in the previous episodes, there were videos where celebrities’ narrated a little bit about their biography with a disguised voice. So it creates a lot of interest among viewers and the panel who is the ones going to sing.

And then it’s all up to the panelists and audience to decide who will be eliminated next. They vote for the performers and the one who gets the least vote is eliminated. And also reveals the identity!

However, I have become a fan of the show!

What Happened In The Previous Episodes?

If you have already watched the show, then you know what happened in the first two episodes of The Masked Singer season 1. But who has missed it, I am telling the summary in brief.

Masked Singer Episode 1

Masked-Singer-Episode-1 lion

The Name of the episode is Season Premiere: Mask On Face Off. In the first episode, six celebrity singers faced off against one another.

The performers in this episode were – a peacock, hippo, monster, unicorn, deer, and lion. The face-off pair were – peacock and hippo, monster and unicorn, deer, and lion.

Three winners of the face-offs are peacock, unicorn, and lion. That made the other three to be in the risk zone. They were up for a further round through which they were judged and voted.

Then, you know already, the panelists and audience voted for the risk zone contestants. The first celebrity who got voted out is the hippo and got unmasked. And he is Antonio Brown.

Masked Singer Episode 1

Masked Singer Episode 2

Masked Singer Episode 2 pineapple

“New Masks On The Block” is the name of episode 2. Rabbit, alien, raven, pineapple, poodle, bee were the contestants of episode 2. The face-offs were between rabbit and alien, raven and pineapple, poodle, and bee.

Rabbit, raven, and bee impressed the panelists and audience and were saved. The other three were at risk.

Alien and poodle got saved but pineapple couldn’t make it to the safe zone. He was voted out and unmasked among the six masked celebrity singers. It was Tommy Chong who got eliminated from the show.

Masked Singer Episode 2

What Happened In Episode 3?

Well, who hasn’t watched this show, after reading this far would think that it’s going to continue like the previous two episodes. But it wasn’t like that.

Reality shows don’t go the way we, the viewers, expect. And that way it becomes more interesting! Well, the third episode premiered on January 16, 2019.

In the third episode, there were no face-offs like in the previous episodes. The episode name is Five Mask No More. The guest panelist was actor and comedian Joel McHale.

Like the name there performed five contestants – peacock, monster, unicorn, deer, and lion. Yes, they are the surviving performers of the previous episode.

In The Masked Singer Season 1 Episode 3, Terry Bradshaw who was in the deer costume got unmasked and voted out.

How Many Episodes Are In The Masked Singer Season 1?

In this show, one or more contestants are eliminated till three remain. The way celebrity participants were eliminated in the first three episodes, it goes on like that.

The show has 9 episodes in the first season including the finale. The finale episode was aired on February 27, 2019.

MASKED SINGER S01E03 (2019) Full Season

Is The Masked Singer scripted?

The Masked Singer has grown so much popular over the seasons. For its international phenomenon, we can give thanks to the host and spectacular judges panel.

Some people believe this show is scripted. In fact, there were some incidents which can make people think that.

It may seem to the viewers that the weaker performers are being in favor only because fans love them. And also there were some questions about weaker performers overcoming the group stage.

But the thing is, it really is a show of vocal chops and stage presence. The producers actually instruct the act of the audience. The filming unit talked about how the producers control the flow.

Audiences love dramatic moments and so the interesting interactions of the panelists are shown in the show.

There are several rules to keep the secrecy of the masked singers. It’s shown that the contestant removed the mask in front of the audience, which is not true. The creative editing team makes it look like that.

The thing is, the singer pretends to take it off and goes away with the host. So, the show is not scripted. It’s only the producers’ intervention in the series and the editing team’s capability that makes the untrue look true.


I have already said that I am a huge fan of this show as I grew curious about watching each episode. And it’s to know the celebrity contestants!

And like me, so many people come to like this show very much. I can confirm the information that it was the highest-rated unscripted show after The X Factor in 2011.

The first episode got the highest rating for a premiere of this genre. During the week of the finale, the show had the highest viewer engagement levels.

Teenagers and adults, both loved this show so much and it has been the number one ranked unscripted show since Joe Millionaire in 2003.

The Masked Singer Season 1 Episode 3

Is it worth watching?

As from the above, you know how much impact the show has created and how much popular it has got!

So, I want to say that it is totally worth it to watch this television series. I have only discussed here The Masked Singer Season 4. And gave a little glance at season 1’s first two episodes.

If you start watching it, then you will come to know what happened in the next episodes. And I think if you start it once, you will end when you come to know all the celebrities!

The Masked Singer season 2

the masked singer season 2 winner
The Masked Singer Season 2 Winner

The host and panel members were the same as in season 1 of the show. 16 contestants participated in this season wearing full-bodied costumes and hiding their identities. The show started on September 25, 2019, and the finale episode premiered on December 18, 2019.

There were a total of 14 episodes in season 2. The participants’ stage names were egg, ice cream, panda, eagle, skeleton, penguin, black widow, ladybug, flower, butterfly, tree, thingamajig, leopard, flamingo, Rottweiler, and fox.

The elimination pattern was almost the same as in season 1 of the show. And the winner of the season was Wayne Brady who took the Fox outfit.

The Masked Singer season 3

the masked singer season 3 winner

The masked singer season 3 first episode premiered on February 2, 2020, and the finale was on May 20, 2020. The original network was on Fox for the previous 2 seasons. There were a total of 18 episodes in this season.

As same as in previous seasons, the host was Nick Cannon. And the panel members were Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger. 18 celebrities competed in this season.

The stage names of the participants were – robot, llama, miss monster, elephant, mouse, taco, bear, swan, T-Rex, white tiger, kangaroo, banana, astronaut, kitty, rhino, frog, turtle, night angel. Kandi Burruss, who took the night angel outfit was the winner of the season and the runner-up was turtle outfit, Jesse McCartney.

The Masked Singer season 4 Release Date: [Update: month20]

The Masked Singer season 4

The masked singer season 4 premiered on September 23, 2020, and it’s still running. Till now 10 episodes have been premiered. 16 celebrity contestants have participated in this season. The host and panel members are the same as in the previous seasons.

In this season, panelists are also competing for the golden ear. They were to guess the identity of the celebrity and the guesses were revealed when a celebrity is unmasked. The panelist who guesses the most correct answers will be the GoldenEar winner by the end of the season.

Guest panelists of the season were Joel McHale, Wayne Brady, Niecy Nash, Cheryl Hines, Jay Pharoah, and Craig Robinson. The guest panelists performed in the show when they had come.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, safety protocols were adopted for production. The show is continuing with a virtual audience as their votes are needed for the elimination. Also, the judges are maintaining 8 feet distance from each other.

Season 4 was to pack up with 11 episodes. The stage names of the contestants who got out in the last 10 episodes were – dragon, gremlin, giraffe, baby alien, lips, squiggly monster, snow owls (2 contestants), whatchamacallit, serpent, broccoli, popcorn, jellyfish, and seahorse.

The remaining 3 who will fight for the winner title are sun, mushroom, and crocodile. The 10th episode aired on December 2 and 3 contestants were out in this episode – seahorse, jellyfish, and popcorn.

There are so many calculations going on that who are the finalists according to the clues of all the contestants’ net worth, Grammy nominations, platinum records, films, world records, etc. But yet we need to look forward to knowing who they really are. And definitely, people are looking forward to the finale where it will be finally revealed.

16 Famous People Who Were Unmasked On Season 4 Of “The Masked Singer”

Baby Alien — Mark Sanchez
Baby Alien — Mark Sanchez

Broccoli — Paul Anka
Broccoli — Paul Anka
Crocodile — Nick Carter
Crocodile — Nick Carter
Dragon — Busta Rhymes
Dragon — Busta Rhymes
Giraffe — Brian Austin Green
Giraffe — Brian Austin Green
Gremlin — Mickey Rourke
Gremlin — Mickey Rourke
Jellyfish — Chloe Kim
Jellyfish — Chloe Kim
Lips — Wendy Williams
Lips — Wendy Williams
Mushroom — Aloe Blacc
Mushroom — Aloe Blacc
Popcorn — Taylor Dayne
Serpent — Dr. Elvis Francois
Serpent — Dr. Elvis Francois
Snow Owls — Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black
Snow Owls — Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black
Squiggly Monster — Bob Saget
Squiggly Monster — Bob Saget
Sun — LeAnn Rimes
Sun — LeAnn Rimes
Whatchamacallit — Lonzo Ball
Whatchamacallit — Lonzo Ball

Will There Be Any More Seasons?

I would like to inform you that the show already has 4 successful seasons. And the fourth one is now airing on television.

After getting feedback on the show, Fox renewed the show for a 2nd season. And thus it keeps going. 

Masked Singer Series overview

Final words

Well, we have come to the end and I can firmly say that The Masked Singer is one of the amazing reality shows I am watching. When I started watching it, I just couldn’t think of anything except who the celebrities are!

If you start watching it now, after completing The Masked Singer Season 4, your curiosity will grow more as you will come to know three of the participants already.

You can guess what may happen in the next episode and which contestant is wearing which outfit. But never sure what will happen and who they are. Isn’t it the real fun of watching something?

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