Superheroes are always fascinating characters for all of us. That’s why the Daily Life of the Immoral King won the hearts of fans as the drama series was based on a fantasy superhero story of a  boy named Wang Ling.

He had to fight against the demons for the existence of the world. With his amazing powers, he protected  Sun – Rong.

This storyline of season 1 was received by fans all over the world. And I know you are waiting for season 2 after season 1 was over.

No more waiting. That’s because The daily life of immortal king season 2 has already been released on 30 October 2021.

The First Release of the Daily life of Immortal King Season 1:

The first release of The Daily life of Immortal king season 1 was on 18th January 2020 on Netflix. The show was directed by Zhu Bening. The anime originated in China.

A total of 15 episodes were aired in season 1. The season was cast by five main characters named Sun-Rong, Chen-Chao, Wang- Lin, Isabelle, and Xian-Liuying. Qian Chen, Gu Jiangshan, Lulu, Zhao-Shuang, and Nie-Xiying were the voice artists for this anime.

What happened in Daily life of Immortal King Season 1:

The 1st season was based on the power of Wang Ling. Wang Ling was a boy who was in the existence of indomitable power which was beyond his control. That’s why he was recognized as the king of Lurking. 

At the age of 16, he had to fight the toughest war against the demons and had to face one challenge after another. Though he wanted to spend his high school time with joy and fun, it had become so hard for him to hide his power from others. And that caused different difficulties in his school life.

The story was a presentation of an extreme form of magic called cultivation. Cultivation is one kind of ability to create absolute dimension and it’s like willpower which Wang Ling made a prodigy in.

In this anime, Wang Ling was the only one who belonged to this cultivation power by nature. By this capability, he could ascend the ranks of realms of Immortal very comfortably, destined to be the ancestor.

The Daily Life Of Immortal King Season 2

The Daily Life Of Immortal King Season 2 Release Date: [Update: month20]

Well, let me tell you the good news now. The licensor bilibili and production studio Haoliners Animation League has already released the 2nd season.

Now, Just start watching along with Ninjago Season 14 and Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 in the meantime.

Most of the fans of this anime were thinking that the second season would not appear in front them. But it’s already announced that season 2 of “The Daily Life of Immortal King”- is in on-air. And even if you look at the Source material and popularity, there was the possibility of such circumstances. 

Source Material: 

When bilibili announced the production of the second season, they released a trailer for the anime and a poster for the 4th year anniversary of the novel. 

The author Kuxuan has published 1176 chapters and is still working on the light novel so far. Therefore, there are plenty of chapters to be animated. And it can be estimated that The Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 3 will be animated after this season.


According to MyAnimeList, the anime ranked 1613 on the basis of popularity. Even though it is Chinese anime, people all over the world give it immense love. On the Social Media pages, the anime has thousands of followers.  

So, the anime will definitely air once again. 

Release Date of The Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 2

Release Date of The Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 2

The daily life of immortal king season 2 release date was October 30, 2021. And I can assure you that the anime will continue with the sequel.

What Will Be Happening in The Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 2?

The funny historic story plot full of drama with school life romance as well as the cultivation power of the hero took the place of the heart of many anime lovers in the first season. From the source material, we can only assume what can be the storyline for the upcoming season. Here it is:

In season 2, we might be able to explore the extreme form of power of Wang Ling to achieve the entire realm by fighting against the powerful demons. By doing so, he will establish himself as well as draw the attention of several gods or Immortals.


IMDb rated this show 7.8 out of 10.


Is The Daily Life Of The Immortal King Worth Watching?

Answer: The show is an overall package of mystery, superpower adventure in the setting of high school kids’ daily life. So, it is quite interesting to watch.

How Strong is Wang Ling?

Answer: Wang Ling has planet-level attack potency. At the age of 9, he could smash a mountain with his bare chest.

Why did Wang Ling’s Eyes Turn Green? 

Answer: When Wang Ling won the fight with the old driver, he lost his memory. At that time when he couldn’t come back, his eyes turned green to red. 

Final Verdict:

Stay tuned with us to be updated when the release date of The Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 3 is announced. I know like thousands of fans, you are also waiting for the Immortal King to appear again.

All we can do now is to stay safe and wait patiently for the upcoming season. Let’s hope that the production team does a good job with the animation this time so that the anime can receive a warm welcome. 

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