Have you ever played treasure hunting in your childhood and still have a passion for lost treasures in history? Then you will surely fall in love with the series I am about to discuss. Yes, I am saying this because that is what happened to me as well.

Since 2014, two brothers Marty and Rick Lagina have been searching for lost treasure and historical artifacts in Oak Island. You can also be a part of their exciting journey if you start watching this famous TV reality show.

Now for those who already have watched the previous seasons, let me tell you everything you need to know about The Curse of Oak Island Season 7.

And of course, The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 has been already aired. In fact, The Curse Of Oak Island Season 9 Release Date was November 2, 2021, and the season has been airing till now.

You will find here a few pieces of information regarding that.    

First Release Of The Curse Of Oak Island:

The show is an American reality TV series that premiered in Canada. History network by Prometheus Entertainment premiered the show on January 5, 2014. The story begins with the brothers Marty and Rick Lagina who belong to Kingsford, Michigan.

Their journey followed through their unquenchable thirst for digging up the hidden treasure or historical artifacts from the deepest part of Oak Island. Basically, the first season was based on rumors and writings of Money Pit, Smith’s Cove, Borehole 10-X Site 2, and the Swamps of the island.

How Did Treasure Hunting Start?

The passion started from the fascination of the Lagina brothers when they read the January 1965 issue of Reader’s Digest magazine. There was an article on the Restall family’s work of investigating the so-called “Money Pit”.

The brothers started researching and after a while, Prometheus Entertainment offered them to cover a reality show. Since two permanent residents assisted them to guide within Oak Island, it became more exciting and adventurous.

Is there The Curse of Oak Island Season 8? Release Date: [Update: month20]

Yes, there is.  The 8th season has already finished airing on the History channel. The new season started airing on 10th November 2020 and ended on 4th May 2021. 

Are there any changes in the Cast and Crew in the Curse of Oak Island Season 8?

No, there is no new face in Season 8. The regular team of Marty Lagina, Rick Lagina, Robert Clotworthy, Liz Michels Doug Crowell, and Charles Barkhoise have been seen in the season.

Other than the regular team, the blacksmith Carmen Legge and Professor Dr. Ian Spooner is seen in The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 more often than in the previous seasons. Both of them helped the team to discover more about the stone pathway in the swamp.  

What is happening in the Curse of Oak Island Season 8?

In season 8, the gold diggers were looking for gold this time in the Money Pit area. After Alex Lagina found some human activity in 1492 in deeper phrases of soil, digging began again in the second episode. 

In the last few episodes, the pieces of evidence were coming out while digging. From those seasons, 15 to 20 numerous artifacts showed the light of the possibility of finding out a shipwreck. 

But in the finale, the show finished with the promise of more digging as the snowfall already started on the island, and the team couldn’t continue digging. But you have to patiently wait for the next season as the scientific data reported traces of silver in the money pit. 

So, until the next season airs, you can watch Wentworth season 8.

What Happened in The Curse of Oak Island Season 7?

The good news is, season 7 of The Curse of Oak Island has already aired on 5th November 2019. If you have already seen the last six seasons, you know that they have many exciting pieces of evidence to back up their theory in the past.

Now in this season, with the help of Tom Nolan, the son of late Fred Nolan, the brothers explored the Sunken Ship Theory and also got some groundbreaking evidence. However, to know what treasures came after digging, you should watch the series by yourself.

Although it was harder to get through the swamp, it created some breathtaking suspense. So, what are you waiting for! Rush and watch the show now.

Does the Oak Island treasure get found?

Based on the recent groundbreaking discoveries of Rick and Marty Lagina, we can assume that they are closer than ever to finding the hidden treasure of Oak Island. The precious stone that was found a few days ago can prove this is not a fake statement. Treasure Trove License registered that stone as a ‘treasure’.

There is a huge possibility that Season 9 will reveal the treasure we are waiting for.


How many episodes are there in The Curse of Oak Island S7?

Answer: Season 7 of this amazing show had 23 episodes.

Where can I watch The Curse of Oak Island?

Answer: You can catch this show on Hulu, Netflix, History, DIRECTV, and fubo TV if only you have the subscription. Otherwise, Peacock, History, and Tubi TV can be your streaming channel with some free ads.

Is The Curse of Oak Island worth watching?

Answer: Well, I felt like a puzzle was solving right before my eyes while watching this show. I love adventure but it’s not possible for me to go there and hunt the treasure myself. The way the narrators run the show makes it more worthwhile to watch.

Is the Oak Island treasure real?

Answer: For the people obsessed with treasure hunting, Oak Island is a complete package.  The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 has already shown the possibilities to find silver in the swamp. Therefore, there is no denying the truth behind the treasure.

Final Words:

The team of The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 revealed a lot of hidden clues and evidence that will help find the treasure in near future. If you want to feel the excitement of finding something valuable that was buried deep in the grounds for years, then start watching the show right now.

And if you are wondering what programs you should watch after finishing this one, then keep Love Alarm Season 2 in your watch list and refresh your mind with this amazing triangle love story.

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