If I told you to mention one of your favorite protagonists in anime who would that be? Well, for me, it will be Tanjiro Kamado. His strong sense of responsibility and fighting spirit has mesmerized me throughout the debut season.

So, I kept looking for the details about Tanjiro. Such as 14th July is Tanjiro’s birthday, he is a year older than Nezuko, and so on. To know these fun facts as well, continue reading the following article.

When Is Tanjiro’s Birthday?

Since the story is fictional, there is no exact year mentioned anywhere about our superhero’s birthday. But the author provided us with the character profile of Tanjiro. His birthday is on 14th July. And his zodiac sign is Cancer.

What Kind of Kid Tanjiro Was?

Tanjiro was a kind-hearted kid. He used to practice Sun Breathing with his father from a very early age. That explains his understanding of his energy. 

And he always remembered his fathers’ teachings even when he was struggling in life to survive. Hence, we can say he was obedient as well.

After his father’s death, Tanjiro started earning for the family. He took his father’s job to live a simple life without causing any trouble to others. But soon, he had to face his misfortune.

However, he never lost hope and at that very young age, he decided to become stronger and finish people’s suffering which was the demon king.

Who Is Older- Tanjiro or Nezuko?

After the massacre, Tanjiro faced, his sister Nezuko was the only family he had left. Nezuko was a year younger than Tanjiro. However, Nezuko always tried to help his brother and help him fight any demon with her abilities. 

Even when Nezuko was turned into a demon, she tried her best to control her bloodthirst. He loved his brother with all her heart. Therefore, she tried to protect him from her demon form.

Why Did Tanjiro become a Demon Slayer?

Well, you can say it was his destiny to become a Demon Slayer. His ancestors decided to pass the special combat technique to the next generation. So, there was no way for him to escape his destiny.

Unfortunately, the Hanafuda earrings and the crimson blade were the reason why Muzan killed his whole family. The sense of revenge had grown stronger in his mind and he started training when he was just a teenager. To kill the demon, he was destined to become a demon slayer.


Demon Slayer was the genre of shonen manga where there was little chance of emotions. But Tanjiro’s tragedy and the love for her sister touched our hearts. I hope you enjoyed the anime and found out about Tanjiro’s birthday.

I guess you are happy to know his zodiac sign as well. But you will be happier to know that Demon Slayer Season 2 is already airing. Enjoy the new season.

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