Many have the question that when will the next season of sword art online be released. The answer is tough to give in a while. In fact, it depends on several factors.

People are curious to know it as this animated series amazed them with an excellent storyline. And they expect more from the next season.

Will there be a season 5 of Sword Art Online? Yes of course, And Sword Art Online season 5 release date is going to be 6 November 2022.

We want to keep you more informed. And that’s why we’ve designed this article solely on sword art online. Let’s dive into it.  

How Many Seasons Are There In Sword Art Online?

You probably know that in the year 2013, sword art online was released. Well, there are 4 seasons of sword art online till now. 

And among those seasons, the 3rd season is divided into two parts. The sword art online also contains GGO or the Gun Gale Online, spin-off series, as well as the storylines entirely, which rotate around totally immersive games.

Is It Worth To Watch Sword Art Online?

Well, I think Sword Art Online is obviously worth watching. I can suggest to you that, first of all, you should read the novel.

Because by reading the novel, you can get detailed information about some unreasonable places displayed in the series.

I also want you to watch Sword Art Online, especially for that Alicization section. Believe me, you are going to enjoy it so much.

Will There Be Sword Art Online

Is Everything Ok With Kirito?

Well, there are some people who think Kirito is dead, while some others think he is not. So this is so confusing.

In episode 9 something happened like Kirito passed out as well as he had head hurt which indicates that he died in episode 9.

Moreover, he was revived with the help of reviving stone. So, there are so many people who think he didn’t die at all.

Does Kirito Have Any Girlfriend?

Yes, Kirito has a girlfriend whom he loves so much. Do you want to know who that character is? 

Well, I must say that girl is no one but Asuna. She is really dearest as well as closest to Kirito.

Moreover, their love story is the most interesting part of the anime.

Do Kirito And Asuna Have Children?

Actually, Kirito and Asuna have a child but that child is not their own. They have adopted that child.

That child is called “Yui” which is actually artificial intelligence. Asuna and Kirito didn’t get that opportunity for making a child or biological child on Sword Art Online.

But their adopted child Yui is really adorable and she is good at that job.

Is It Ok To Watch Sword Art Online For 11 Years Old Children?

Well, you know that Sword Art Online or SAO is that kind of anime that is very child-friendly.

It also contains a bunch of languages as well as some suggestive content. Moreover, according to my opinion, Sword Art Online is not harmful at all for children age 11 and above.

So, if your younger brother or sister or your child of age 11 is a fan of SAO or Sword Art Online, then don’t worry at all. There is nothing to harm them at all.

Final word:

Well, we have come to the end. We have talked in detail about the anime Sword Art Online and I’ve shared my opinions with you.

There are some questions and I’ve tried to answer them according to my point of view. So, watch this animated and share your thoughts with your friends.

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