Are you waiting for another adventure of Jojo just like me? If yes, then today I am here with some exciting news for you. After all kinds of difficulties and unsure circumstances, the sixth part of Jojo’s bizarre adventure: Stone Ocean anime release date has finally been announced. It will start airing from December 2021.

For such a long time, we have all been eagerly waiting for the upcoming season. At last, the wait is going to end. In this article, we will be talking about this upcoming show. Please be with us to the end.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started. 

First Release of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure:

The first and most attractive part of Jojo’s franchise was Jojo’s bizarre adventure.  It was a Japanese TV show which aired in October 2012 for the first time.

The script or its main storyline was created by the famous anime writer Yasuko Kobayashi. This first season was produced by David production.  Basically, it was based on the manga of the same name’s manga story that was published with a total of 130 volumes in 1987. 

What Happened In The Previous Seasons:

The first season of the Jojo franchise was divided into two parts. “Phantom blood” was the first one. From this part, we met with one of the main characters named Dio Brando. He was a boy grown up in Orphanage and was adopted by George Joester.

Joester was so fond of Dio’s father that after his father’s death, he felt responsible towards Dio. Dio was not an ordinary boy. He had a special power to become a vampire by having a magical stone mask. 

The second part was known as “Battle Tendency”. After the generation of Jonathan, his grandchildren had also become the owner of supernatural power. But they made a team fight against the evil powers. They were on a mission to have a specific antidote. 

Season 2 and 3 (part 3): Stardust Crusaders showed the final battle of Jotaro and Dio. In the fourth season- Diamond is Unbreakable introduced Josuke. And the fifth season- Golden Wind was full of exciting content featuring Giorno and his Mafia life.

Thriller and magical elements with nicely executed background music made this show so attractive to the audience. That’s why everyone is eagerly waiting for the upcoming new season.

stone ocean anime release date

Will Stone Ocean Be Released? 

Surely, after this long time, fans never expected another season. But it is declared by Netflix. The upcoming sixth season: Stone Ocean anime release date is being confirmed in December. 

This upcoming season will be the production from APPP studio. 

What Will Happen In Stone Ocean: 

The fifth season aired in 2018. In the upcoming season, we will see the next generation of Dio named Giovanna. He was a well-known terrorist and also had dangerous evil power. 

After the death of Jonathan, he entrapted his soul into his body. Then he became more powerful and also became the ruler by the power of a stand arrow. 

According to the critics, the ending of the 5th season was unexpected. That’s why the upcoming one is going to be more exciting for everyone.

In the new upcoming season, it has been assumed that the Stone Ocean will be a more memorable one to all anime-lovers because of its upgraded storyline, character enrichment, and so on. 

The new season may start with a new main lead face named Jolyne.  She will be caught and kept in a jail situated in a segregated area. Will she be able to make herself free from that place? That will be the most important fact of this season. 

Will There Be Season 7?

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure season 7 is still going on through manga. Therefore, there is a high chance that Season 7: JoJolion will air in the near future. this season will feature Josuke Higashikata

But since there is not enough source material, there is no guarantee that Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Season 8 will air.

Social Media Popularity:

The official trailer of Stone Ocean has over 9.3 million views on Youtube and Instagram has 61.3k likes on the Stone Ocean page. Twitter users have gone mad about the new series and posting thousands of photos hashtagging Stone Ocean.


The ratings of this show were always on the top. Rotten tomatoes scored this anime 4.5 out of 5.  Myanimelist rated in 8.2/10. Likewise, IMDb scored 8.4/10 and 90% scored by the general audience 


Is Stone Ocean Coming In 2021?

Answer- Yes. Finally, in December 2021, we are going to enjoy the Stone Ocean. 

Where Can I watch Stone Ocean?

Answer–  This new upcoming season will be available on Netflix. other than this on Funimation or Crunchyroll.

Ending vibes

Stone Ocean is a long-awaiting upcoming season of the Jojo franchise. Most of the audiences are getting desperate to see the new season. And after the Stone Ocean anime release date has been confirmed by Netflix, everyone became really excited.  

We are hoping that by the time you can finish watching Stone ocean, Love is war Season 3 will be released. So, stay tuned with us to stay updated.

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