If you are a fan of crime-based drama series, you must be a fan of Snowfall. And I guess you have already watched all the episodes of the last four seasons. Now, you are waiting for Snowfall season 5, right?

Well, stay tuned with us, and let’s see what’s new is waiting for you. You know crime-based drama series has a different thrill and excitement. And Snowfall proved it again.

Now, the question is, will the sequel of Snowfall really come? Let’s get the answer.   

The First Release Of Snowfall:

Probably, you have already watched the series ‘Narcos’ or the ‘Breaking Bad’ or maybe waiting for Animal kingdom Season 5.

Nowadays, crime-based drama series are gaining enormous popularity. People love those series as if these crimes are something to be proud of. I would give that credit to the strongly built characters of those series. 

Well, I am here to introduce you to Snowfall, an enormously popular crime-based drama series. The series portrays the American crack cocaine epidemic in LA during the 1980s. And it was first released on July 5, 2017, premiered on FX.  

The First Release Of Snowfall

How Many Seasons Of Snowfall?

Ever since the release of its first season, it has earned enormous popularity. This leads to the production of its two more seasons. So far, three seasons of Snowfall have been released, each having 10 episodes. The last episode of Snowfall was aired on September 11, 2019. 

  • Season 1:  July 5,2017- September 6.2017
  • Season 2: July 19,2018- September 20,2019
  • Season 3: July 10,2019- September 11, 2019
  • Season 4: February 24, 2021 

Snowfall Season 4 Release Date: [Update: month20]

Snowfall Season 4 has been aired on February 24, 2021. FX announced the fourth season a year back on August 6, 2019. However, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, its shooting was paused, and the season eventually got postponed till 2021. Hence, you have to wait a few more months for the next announcement regarding Snowfall Season 5.    

What Happened In The Last Episode Of Snowfall Season 3?

In the last episode of Snowfall season 3, Franklin got shot by Melody. Melody was sure that Franklin was the one who killed her father. So, she didn’t give a second thought before shooting the man she used to love once. 

Did Franklin die in season 3? Well, this remains unrevealed. To know what happened to Franklin, we have to wait for Snowfall season 4.

Top Characters Of Snowfall:

Characters are something that brings life to a show, promote it from a good show to an exceptionally good show. So, here we are going to introduce you to some of the best characters in Snowfall.

  1. Franklin:
Franklin  snowfall season 4

The first season of Snowfall has made us introduced to an innocent 19 years old boy. The boy saw an opportunity to earn money through drug dealing and took it anyway. As the series has progressed, he has become the boss of this world.  

However, season 3 indicates that Franklin’s world probably started to fall apart. Though Franklin did a lot of crime, the crazy fans of Snowfall are still hoping for him to be alive. The British Actor Damson Idris played the role of Franklin Saint. 

  1. Gustavo:
Gustavo Snowfall

Who could be the next drug pinking? I would say the name of Gustavo. Although Gustavo had a lot of rough times, he always came out with an idea for tackling them. Probably, the audience likes that part of his character most. The role of Gustavo was played by the Spanish actor Sergio Peris-Mencheta. 

  1. Teddy:
Teddy Snowfall

Who is the most unpredictable character of the show? I bet it would be Teddy. That’s because, from the beginning of the series, he was kind of a loser. But as the series has progressed, he has managed to get himself back. Some fans could give him the title of a man with a box of emotion inside.  Carter Hudson played the role of Teddy.

  1. Leon:
Leon Snowfall

If Franklin is Pablo Escobar, then Leon deserves the title of Gustavo from Narcos. Leon was by the side of Franklin from his very childhood. In coming season 4, the biggest challenge for Franklin would be to save his friend Leon. The role of Leon was played by the actor Isaiah John.

  1. Aunt Louie:
Aunt Louie Snowfall

Without Louie, there wouldn’t be any Franklin enterprise. She has played a very strong role in this series so far and was always by Franklin’s side. The role was played by the actress Angela Lewis.

  1. Uncle Jerome:
Uncle Jerome Snowfall

Uncle Jerome is the one who has initiated all these. He taught weed game to Franklin, turns out Franklin came out with cocaine. He was a funny and simple-hearted character. However, if something can turn into a killer, it would be his lady and nephew. The role was played by the American actor Amin Joseph. 

Best Episodes Of Snowfall Season 3:

  • Blackout, Episode 9 (IMDb-9.2)
  • Hedgehogs, Episode 8 (IMDb-9.2)
  • Pocket Full of Rocks, Episode-7 (IMDb-8.8)

Top Questions Need To Be Answered In Season 4:

snowfall season 4 release date
  1. Who can be Franklins’s competitor?

Literally, Franklin is the drug lord of LA. However, not everyone in the town is aware of that. When this spreads, Franklin will get to know who he is. Franklin’s competition could be the Mexicans or the Man Boy. We will get to know this in season 4. 

  1. Will uncle Jerome make an exit?

In season 3, uncle Jerome has been beaten and harassed by the police. So, he decided to take an exit from the game. All we know, is this will not be an easy task for him as his close ones are involved in this. 

Where can I watch it?

Well, Snowfall was broadcasted on FX. However, you can stream the show on Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime as well. 


The show Snowfall has won the

  • African-American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) Awards, 2017
  • California on Location Awards, 2017

And the show has been nominated for

  • The Black Reel Awards for Television, 2019
  • Image Awards, 2020
  • Imagen Foundation Awards, 2018
  • World Soundtrack Awards, 2019


As I mentioned earlier, the show is enormously popular; the ratings further proved the same thing.

  • IMDb- 8.1/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes- 81%
  • TV.com- 8.4/10

Social Media Popularity:

Well, the series has a total of 187k followers on Facebook. You can also find hundreds of groups of Snowfall fans on Facebook. So, I guess you can have a lot of gossip out there about the show. 


  1. Is Snowfall season 3 on Netflix?

Yes, season 3 of Snowfall is available on Netflix for streaming.

  1. Is Snowfall a true story?

The story of Snowfall is based on LA’S crack cocaine epidemic during the 1980s. However, the character Franklin is not directly a true person. But I must say, the story represents the characters of that time indirectly.

Final Words:

The show Snowfall is full of excitement and adventure. The diverse characters of the show will amuse you for sure. So, I would highly recommend you watch the series. And those of you, who are waiting for season 5, keep your excitement alive till the pandemic is over.  And with that, I am concluding here. 

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