Are you a fan of the No Game No Life franchise just like me? If you are, then you must have loved the character Shiro. Both Sora and Shiro made this anime journey so enjoyable that I still remember the excitement of watching this anime.

In this article, I will talk about Shiro No Game No Life. This cute yet intelligent character really stole my heart.

Let’s jump in to explore more. 

Who Is Shiro?

Shiro is the step-sister of Sora. She was the female protagonist of this amazing anime. The creator has created both Sora and Shiro with the unique charismatic character and brilliant mind to win every game.

Shiro met Sora the first time and could actually feel the emptiness he was feeling inside. You can say, Shiro was the only real human friend of Sora in the entire world. She enjoyed playing games with Sora and he was quite dumbfounded by her accurate calculations about any moves.

She is always calm in nature unlike Sora and never shows too much emotion at all. Furthermore, she is protective toward her brother and with her twisted sense of humor she often teases her brother.

How tall Is Shiro?

Shiro is shorter than her brother and 6.5 inches or roughly 15.5 cm tall.

Who Is Shiro

Does Shiro Have Powers In No Game No life?

Her powers are limitless. She is good at calculations and analytical skills as well as extremely intelligent. Since her reflexes are good, she can act in any dare situation faster than Sora. Her memory is like Sora-sharp and accurate.

She helped Sora to strategically plan every game in the Disboard to win and stay alive in the gaming world. Obviously, the main focus of this anime was chess and she was ace in this game as well. She has defeated the AI controlled chess game for over 20 times. Apart from Chess, she is also good with arrows and computers.

Does Shiro And Sora Beat Tet?

Yes, they won. Tet is the One True God of the gaming world Disboard. As Shiro and Sora’s iconic ‘blank’ became a legend all over the internet, Tet wanted to test them too. So, he invited them for an Internet Chess game.

After winning the game, Tet asked them if they wanted to live inside of a game to play different games in order to save the Kingdom. Both the siblings thought that it was a joke and said yes to have fun. After that, they discovered themselves inside the game with other characters of the game.


Unlike other male protagonist based anime, NGNL showed a combined action of these step-siblings. Even when they were sent to a gaming quest that looked like Tokyo, they both faint because they hate public interaction. Their character and dual action have made the show a unique one.

It is quite uncertain whether No Game No Life Season 2 will be released or not. But let’s not lose hope since the Light Novel of this series has been still being published.

Hope to see Shiro again with her sharp edged humor and strategies. 

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