Saitama looks young but is bald-headed And I assume many of you have wondered about Saitama’s age.

After looking for a job for many years as an office worker, Saitama decided to be a ‘hero for fun’ and started training intensely. During the process, he lost all of his hair and it wasn’t because of his age.

According to the manga and anime, from first appearance to the rest of the show, he was 25 years old. Although he and Genos seem similar in age, Genos is only 19 years old.

When Did Saitama Start Training?

Saitama started training at the age of 22 years. He was a young adult who was searching for a job for quite some time. But after an incident, his view of life changed and he took an oath to become a hero to save more people.

When the series started, Saitama told Genos that he was 25 years old. And if anyone asked him how he became extremely strong, he used to state a story that happened three years ago.

In City Z, Saitama lived in an apartment. He witnessed a crab mutant- Crablante, attacking a child. Saitama eventually defeated the monster and saved the kid.

During the fight, Saitama found that he really enjoyed the heroic work and decided to become a Hero of Z city to save the people from the ongoing destruction.

Saitama’s Physical Features:

Saitama used to be an average 22 years old male with none of the special abilities like other heroes. He started training with 100 sit-ups, 100 pushups, 100 squats, and a 10-km run every day. He used to follow a special diet according to the training.

And this training became so intense that he thought it could take his life. However, he still continued to work out until one day, when he finally achieved the superhuman level of strength.

Saitama Abilities:

Well, it is seemingly not possible to get such physical strength with this workout regime. But surprisingly enough, with OPM theory, Saitama achieved an enormous amount of strength. Along with the amazing ‘One Punch’, he received supernatural reflexes to fight any monsters. 

Moreover, his physical durability allowed him not to get hurt when fighting the monsters. Besides, he is invulnerable and was never once defeated by any monster. His extreme willpower helped him to stand alone against all odds and even survive the excruciating pain while fighting.

Furthermore, generate shock waves; create afterimages and his senses also allowed him to fight different types of monsters.


Saitama doesn’t like to talk too much and even with Genos, he only tells the stories that are necessary to tell. He is really tensed about his popularity among the society. But Genos promised to help him in that sector.

I love the character ‘Saitama’ because of his personality. He is trying to help people by eliminating the monsters but at the same time, his humorous gags also made this show a successful one.

I know you want to watch more OPM as an anime. So, let’s keep waiting for the next season.

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