Some of the most anticipated Anime series are finally here and we all just can’t seem to decide which one to watch first! RWBY is one such Shonen series that really gets our hearts pumping. We shall be recapping episode 6, titled “Do You Have a Plan?” Let’s see where this goes!


In the world of Remnant, a place where science and fairytales coexist, human civilization is plagued by deadly monsters known as the Grimm. A moment in time came where the takeover by the Grimm seemed more than eminent, if not for the heroism of those sworn to protect humanity- Huntsmen and Huntresses.

These highly trained, professional warriors assemble to form a team known as RWBY at Beacon Academy. Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long; each from different backgrounds of life and without a doubt, butt heads to begin with.

Their explosive team work and exceptional skills highlights them in front of their headmaster Professor Ozpin. Nonetheless, they battle against an extremist Faunus group known as the White Fang. Every encounter and challenge brings them closer to the true villains orchestrating conflicts from behind the curtains.

Episode 6 ‘Do You Have a Plan?’ – Recap

Previously, Weiss Schnee had gone into a deep sleep resulting in her being trapped in her own twisted dream where not even Ruby Rose could wake her up from either. Knowing that this isn’t the job for one team member, Ruby, Blake and Yang enter Weiss’s dream together.

Blake proves to be most useful where she discovers the hidden door leading to Blake’s enormous castle where she is trapped somewhere in. Above that they even acquire a hidden key that could lead them to the depths of her mind and wake her up. They now explore the palace, coming face to face with Weiss and her helpers. However, the Weiss they once knew isn’t the same anymore.

Ruby and Blake now must battle Weiss and her army, while simultaneously also find a way to wake her up from the nightmare. Blake takes the reigns to distract Weiss, using up one of the coins to piss her off.

Eyes dead set on capturing Blake, she orders her army to follow Ruby while she charges to capture Blake. Ruby manages to enter Weiss’s heart with Yang, where they make use of the hidden key that helps them unlock one of the doors leading them straight to her mind.

Their progress is stunted with the arrival of Grumpy Glein and the rest of the army, who are not really a challenge for them, as they lay broken and defeated on the ground.

Progressing deeper and deeper, Ruby and Yang finally reach Weiss’ mind which seems to be covered with a thorny briar patch of Grimm, but thanks to the key they safely can open up a path through it.

Blake’s idea of distraction perfectly works, where she not only gets to play tag with Weiss but also understands the type of person she is; the pain and hurt that she has cooped up inside of herself. Ruby and Yang are joined by Blake who summons a door to their location using one of her coins. However, they are weary of not being plagued by the thorny patch of Grimm.

The girls finally locate the nightmare that has Weiss under its control. Determined more than ever to release their friend from its clutches, they ready themselves to attack but are stopped yet again by the appearance of Weiss herself.

A hostile glare, face contorted with rage, Weiss is not one to play games anymore or listen to their part of the story. She stands guard in front of the thorny patch of Grimm that has intertwined itself around her fast asleep body.

Sword at the ready, she lets loose a storm of icebergs that throws the girls off their feet, resulting in the key falling right into the patch of Grimm.

Stronger than ever, the three girls combined could not slow down the raging anger of Weiss, who takes all three of them at once. As a last resort, Ruby tries to retrieve the key but instead gets cut by the thorns of Grimm, which also break the key into little pieces.

All three girls get pulled out of Weiss dream at once by their professor, for if she didn’t, they would have been killed in it for sure.

They snap back to reality, unhappy and overwhelmed over they defeat for a second time. The lack of progress and conversation between each other had drained them; a cloud of doubt forms over them, will they ever save their friend from the nightmare?

The girls separate from each other, wanting alone time to think. Each is reassured by other members of the Beacon Academy, giving them hope and belief that they can rescue their friend if they work together.

Pumped up and more than ready to go for it a third time, the girls explain their new plan to the professor, who sees that it can work it but warns them that if they fail, Weiss could be in serious danger. All three get ready to go into the dream for the third and final time.

Final Words

Not many Anime stand out like this one. The character design, development and plot, go hand to hand with each other, complimenting the latter. The way the three girls have learned to trust each other, work together and most importantly understand the feelings of Weiss who is in reality going through so much that she never talks about.

This makes them realize that under that stiff armor, is a girl who needs a lot of reassurance and support.

Hopefully in the next episode we get to see them accomplish their mission of saving their dear friend from the nightmare. What happens in the next episode is a mystery in itself and hopefully it is as entertaining as this one! 

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