Amongst a series of new Seinen Anime that have made their grand appearance for the summer of 2022, Parallel World Pharmacy is just one of them. For this article we shall be talking about Episode 5 and get to know what new adventures befall Pharma de Medicis. Let’s get started!


The loss of his darling little sister to a horrible, incurable diseases makes world-famous medical researcher Kanji Yakutani to dedicate his life in coming up with new medicine to cure the sick. His obsession with medicine ultimately results to his death due to over work and waking up in another world as a 10 year old boy. He discovers that he has been reincarnated in a medieval world as Falma, a child of the respectable De Medicis family.

In a world where medical facilities are only available for the rich and elite, Falma works to break the taboo and avail medicine for all walks of life. Using modern knowledge and his divine powers, Falma makes a name for himself, getting recognition even in the imperial court. After acquiring his own pharmacy, he now sets out to complete his mission to improve healthcare in the San Fleuve Empire.

Episode 5 ‘Daily Life at Parallel World Pharmacy and Cosmetics’- Recap

Now before we proceed to the latest episode, let’s first get a bit of an update over what happened in the previous one. Farma successfully cures her Royal Highness Elisabeth ll, after some nobles tried to poison her.

The queen grows a soft corner for Farma who despite only being 10 years old, has knowledge and expertise far beyond anyone she ever knew. She rewards him by fulfilling his dream of wanting his own pharmacy which is completed under the name of ‘Parallel World Pharmacy’.

Other practitioners such as Veron, head of the Pharmacist Guild try to undermine his work but that doesn’t stop young Farma from continuing his dream. With the employment of a good accountant and enough capital given to him by his father Bruno, the journey of the Parallel World Pharmacy begins.

 Running a world class pharmacy proves to be much more challenging than anticipated by Falma, who now has to deal with a bundle of challenges. Since its opening, the pharmacy has only received a handful of customers, making it quite worrisome for Falma over how he could increase the flow of traffic.

Charlotte, one of the employees carries out a survey all over the town to get the point of view of the general public. Which really does not come out as positive since many commoners feel like the pharmacy has sky high prices, some were illiterate so could not understand the writings, and finally, the general opinion that Falma is too young to be a doctor.

The negative feedback demotivates our young pharmacist but alas his parents visit the pharmacy and suggest him to sell cosmetics but his father Bruno opposes face power as ladies who use it, ultimately die young.

Falma suddenly receives a customer, the noble Chloe de Chatillon. After a thorough check up using his powers, he diagnoses her with Anemia caused by bloodletting, a primitive procedure to make skin look pale. Which our lady did just for the sake of approval from her lover, God the lengths people go to for love.

To solve the issue of beauty, Falma comes up with a skincare product that moisturizes and prevents sunburn, which utterly thrills Chloe. Publicity of the new cosmetic product is done by giving free samples to everyone.

The noble quality product that is affordable for almost everyone, results in the Pharmacy getting filled by each and every one who wish to get their hands on the miracle product. However, production cannot keep up with the sudden rise in demand, which results in unhappy customers. Lady Chloe lends in a hand by suggesting he should open up an independent subsidiary company for cosmetics where she would invest and work everything out, while Falma will remain the proprietor.

Just like that their next venture hits off in a matter of days with a completely new building separate from the pharmacy, known as the cosmetic brand “Medique”. Top of the art facilities and first rate pharmaceutics with excellent medical knowledge. Sadly, in the new world female pharmaceutics can’t get contracts again after leaving a job either due to pregnancy or any other reason.

Everything slowly starts falling into place for him, good traffic in his pharmacy, a medically tested and safe cosmetic product that can be purchased by people of every class. All that is left is a final survey to know the point of view of the people for him, which surprisingly is much more positive now.

The sky high prices which everyone assumed were dismissed, the hesitance to get treated by a child doctor were also subsequently forgotten and finally easy to understand pictures to help the illiterate understand what the pharmacy offers. Their success is rejoiced with utter happiness by Falma and all his friends.

Final Words

There are very few Anime out there that along with a touch of comedy and fun add that bit of knowledge to enhance your understanding.

Whether you have studied chemistry, bio or business, it doesn’t matter since everything is explained in plain and easy words making this anime way more interesting. I can reassure you, it won’t bore you at all but instead get you interested till the final moments. Some questions still remain which can only be answered once more episodes are released gradually.

Questions like, who had tried to kill the Queen? Are other pharmacies trying to steal the secret ingredients and formula of Falma? What other tricks do they have up their sleeves? We can’t wait to see how this Anime progresses and wish to not only enjoy but increasing our general understanding about medicine with the anime.

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