From the beginning years of TV series, many people have shown a keenness to watch more crime drama stories. If you are one of them, you may be a fan of Ozark as well. And if you haven’t heard that name before, start watching it as soon as possible.

The reason behind my statement is Ozark is that sort of drama series that will hook you up with every episode of it. However, already four seasons of this magnificent drama have finished airing. Ozark Season 4 part 1 release date was January 21, 2022.

Now, in this article, I will let you know everything you need to know and the release date as well as the plots of Ozark Season 4.

So, stay tuned.

First Release of Ozark

Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams created Ozark as a Netflix Original Series. Focusing on an American family man Marty and his risky lifestyle, Ozark surely attracted many viewers. On 21 July 2017, Season 1 of Ozark debuted through Netflix all over the world.

The first two episodes of every season were directed by Jason Bateman who also played the role of Marty. But unfortunately, he couldn’t direct Season 4 because of the strict Covid-19 social distancing protocol.

How Many Seasons of Ozark?

As I already have mentioned before, the series has three seasons so far. They are:

  • Ozark Season 1: premiered on 21st July 2017
  • Ozark Season  2: premiered on 31st August 2018
  • Ozark Season  3: premiered on 27th March 2020.
  • Ozark Season 4: January 21, 2022.

The 2nd part of the fourth and final installment is still in production. Although all other seasons had 10 episodes in each, the fourth one will have the bonus of 4 episodes.

All the creator and author of this show was happy to announce that Netflix decided to give Ozark a satisfied and clean ending instead of a rushed one. Therefore, the final season will be divided into two parts consisting of 14 episodes in total in order to cut all the loose ends.

Ozark Season 4


Marty Byrde was a financial advisor and a businessman. Apart from this, he was involved in money laundering as well with his partner Bruce. But Bruce and his girlfriend were killed by the Mexican drug Cartel as they were stealing the money.

In order to save his and his family’s life, Marty proposed to make money in Missouri. He moved his wife and two children to the Lake of the Ozarks. But he had to deal with local drug dealers, Jacob and Darlene Snell and the Langmores.

Not only did Marty have to deal with the money laundering for the cartel, but he was also disturbed because his wife Wendy was cheating on him. Therefore, Season 1 was packed with murders, strip club business, money, and even family relationships, and on top of that, the FBI in the tail of Marty.

Season 2 started with more problems and crimes related to Marty. Although he wanted to make money, gave it to the cartel, and escaped, he couldn’t do that because he was trapped with more crimes this time.

With his wife’s help, Marty decided to start a casino which will be a good decision to make the money legal and escape the FBI. The Kansas City Mafia helped them to build the casino. Eventually, the mafia gang wrote his name on the hit list and sent a bomb to his office.

I will not give any spoilers for the new viewers of Ozark, but let me tell you one thing Season 2 has shown a lot of murder of some important characters. One of them was Rachel. An FBI agent gave her some drugs in return for Marty’s information but she ended up dying because of revenge.

Now, who holds grudges over Rachel? you have to watch season 2 to know that cause those who have already seen the series know the answer.

Rachel, Jacob Snell, and Pastor Mason’s wife were killed by the same person. Mason was hurt and mentally unstable so he couldn’t take care of his newborn without her wife. He kidnaped Wendy, Marty’s wife, and asked him to bring back his kid who was taken by the child service.

In the end, the baby goes to Darlene, and Mason met his unfortunate fate. However, Wendy, on the other hand, made a deal with Navarro Cartel and killed Cade Langmore. For now, Ruth was working on Marty’s side but after his father’s death, the road for all of them might take a little bit bumpier ride for the Byrde family.

The last season before season 4 was more interesting than the previous ones. Marty and Wendy started meeting with a therapist as Charlotte insisted on them. But that turned out to be a loss project for both of them. Marty and Ruth took responsibilities for Missouri Belle, the casino.

Since you already know how quick-witted Marty is, he offered a bigger percentage to Frank Senior to apologize for the attack and be into his good book. But he got trapped by FBI agent Maya to work with them to catch the frauds of money laundering.

However, Sue was killed in the middle of the season. Wendy and Marty started convincing Navarro about their importance over Helen as she was exposed by Ben. Again, Helen started plotting for taking over their business.

At the end of the season, Helen came to know about Marty’s confession. Even though Helen was confronted by Jonah for Ben’s death at first, she escaped the gunpoint but couldn’t save her till the end. Nelson shot her.

Being stunned at the moment of Helen’s death, Marty and Wendy were told by Navarro that the two of them would cooperate with him in the business.

Ozark Season 4 Jason Bateman

What will be the plot of Ozark Season 4?

In an interview, Jason Bateman stated that the show will resume where it left off last season. After the bloodbath in the season 3 finale, Marty and Wendy will be seen in front of the mirror to wash.

In this season we can see whether the Byrde family can beat everyone and run their business successfully or they have to pay the price for lying and fraud. Because this time every single mafia, cartel, police, and local dealer will be behind them to either get their revenge or gain their share.

As Ruth will no longer be in touch with them, he will not receive any favors anymore. Again, Darlene and Wyatt will steadily set their trap to take the casino business into their hands. Just like Bateman mentioned, this super-sized season will bring much bigger complications for the Byrdes.

Ozark Season 4 Release Date: [Update: month20]

The title of this season is The Beginning of the End. So you can understand that the series will end with a blast.

Ozark couldn’t take a place the last time Netflix announced the list of series that will renew this year. However, the shooting is going on and the 2nd installment of the show will air at the end of 2022 and the finale will air in 2023.

Until then, watch The Curse Of Oak Island Season 7 if you love the thrilling adventure of treasure hunting.


People have found Ozark a crazy good thriller. According to Rotten Tomatoes, around 81% of viewers liked this show and season 3 was liked by 97% of people. IMDB and rating graphs showed 8.4 and 8.5 out of 10 respectively.


Critics and audiences have praised this show from the very beginning. The fabulous acting and brilliant storytelling were appreciated by most people. Season 3 attracted 8.7 million viewers in the first 10 days.

Netflix said around 29 million subscribers tuned in to the show till now. In the Netflix top chart, Ozark has secured sixth place. The Facebook page has 4,13,904 likes whereas Instagram hit 250.7k followers.


Ozark has satisfied the critics for its terrific job that it received 32 Nominations and 3 Emmys. In 2020, Julia Garner won the Emmy for the supporting role in Ozark. Besides, Jason Bateman received the Best Director award in the same year.


Why did Navarro kill Helen?

Answer: Helen couldn’t fulfill the job given by the cartel and the truth behind her job was revealed by Marty and Wendy. So, she was killed by a hitman.

Did Netflix Cancel Ozark Season 4?

Answer: Season 4 of Ozark is still under production, so it is not canceled, it was just rescheduled to release later this year.

Who plays the daughter in Ozark?

Answer: Sofia Hublitz acted as the daughter of the Byrdes. Along with the great actors Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, and so on, she definitely showed her talent in acting.

Is Ozark a real place?

Answer: Yes, it is. The Ozark Mountains are situated in the Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma states in the United States.   

Final Words:

It is hard to get bored with this series. The show has proved its worth by showing various contents on the same canvas. The audience was hooked by the fact how a family adapts to a crisis and tried to stay alive together.

Marty’s criminal mindset and humor to face every dangerous situation will make you think about what will happen to them in the end. Anyway, we all are waiting for Ozark Season 4 part 2 for the answers. But you can keep Wentworth Season 8 on your watch list for more crime drama.  

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