Do you love to see a true story in a drama series? Then, Northern Rescue is that drama series you can go with. The story line will make you feel thrilled.

And if you have already watched this one, surely you are waiting for the next season. Not only you, I am even waiting for the Northern Rescue season 2.

And that’s why this my utmost try to share with you all the detail about this drama. Let’s start exploring.    

Is Northern Rescue Based On A True Story?

Let me remind you of the story of Northern Rescue. This series is about a Western family. When the matriarch of that family died because of cancer, they moved to Turtle Island Bay.

If you watch this series, you will feel like watching a true story, as it feels so real. So, many of us think that Northern Rescue is based on a true story.

There is actually no evidence on this assumption that Northern Rescue is based on some true story.

So, no one is sure about it. This assumption can be false as there is no exact match. But some parts are familiar with some true stories, so you can say, the overall series is not based on a true story but some parts.

Northern Rescue Season 2

Did Northern Rescue Get Renewed?

Well, the first season of Northern Rescue had ten episodes and all of them were so interesting.

This series contains a genuine story that was loved by all. After the first season, it gained lots of love and good reviews.

It also has a solid fan follower who is waiting for the next season and I’m one of them.

As we want a renewal of Northern Rescue, we have to wait for it and watch whether CBC or Netflix is going to reintroduce it or not.

As a fan, I am very hopeful. I think, if CBC wants to drop Northern Rescue, then it will be the responsibility of Netflix to continue it.

Well, it’s so good to know that Billy Baldwin, a lead character of Northern Rescue said that, in February 2020, it will get renewed.

Where Can I Get Northern Rescue Season 2?

It’s a good question. There are lots of people who want to watch the series but don’t know where to watch it.

Well, if Northern Rescue is renewed as well as production is done in the second season, then another trailer of this series could drop in the early month of 2020 (February). 

You can watch Northern Rescue on Netflix as it is available there. So, watch it and give us your feedback on this series.

Is It A Netflix Original Series?

You may know that Northern Rescue is a drama TV series in Canada, and DCTV or Don Comedy Television is the producer of this series.

CBC Television distributed this series in Canada as well as it was internationally distributed on Netflix.

So, you can watch Northern Rescue on CBC Television or Netflix. On 1st March 2019, the ten episodes of the first season were debuted.

Final words:

We have come to the end of our discussion. I have tried my best to discuss the series Northern Rescue in brief with you.

It’s an amazing series to watch and the next season is coming soon. Till then, watch the first season of Northern Rescue and keep the excitement for the upcoming season.

If you have watched this series, then share your opinions with your family and friends.

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