As I love to watch drama series based on the Japanese manga, I could not help watching No Game No Life. And now, I am passionately waiting for No Game No Life season 2. I hope I can watch the sequel very soon! But still, there is no official announcement on No Game No Life Season 2 release date

Why do I love this so much? Well, there are several reasons behind it. Strong characterization, story line up, animation quality- lots of things amazed me.

Now, are you looking at the next season like me? Then let’s try to find out the answer here.    

How Many Seasons Are There In No Game No Life?

When you are thinking about starting to watch an anime, then I think knowing about it a bit will help you to understand what it’s based on. Now I am going to discuss all No Game No Life.

No Game No Life is a successful anime and one of the bestselling novels in Japan. The anime series is written by Jukki Hanada and directed by Atsuko Ishizuka.

It’s a story of two siblings, Sora and Shiro who are gamers and challenged by the God of Games. When the god summons them, they start planning to conquer the ruling species to take over the God of Games. Thus the story goes on.

The first and last episode of the anime premiered on April 9, 2014, and June 25, 2014, respectively. The story’s mainly based on light novels. And the first season has 12 episodes in total.

When it started airing, it got so much response from the viewers. And so the further season has come after that. Without season 2, we won’t know whether Sora and Shiro succeeded in challenging and conquering the God of Games.

The only way to learn about it is to read the light novels which are still going on. But most people won’t like that, because watching anime is more fun for them.

So fans are confused about whether there will be any season 2 or not.

No Game No Life Season 2

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date: [Update: month20]

It has no doubt, after the premiere of No Game No Life season 1, it has got so much attention and people loved it including me.

If we look into the reviews and ratings, we will see the proof. But can we expect to have season 2?

Well, the thing is there is no official announcement about season 2 from the production. It’s been six years since the last episode of it. So, all I can say is there is no word from Madhouse.

No Game No Life Season 2 Will Get Announced

How Can We Figure Out No Game No Life Season 2 Will Get Announced?

As long as there is no word about the production, we can do some research on this anime. There are some indicators from which we can assume whether there will be season 2 or not.

Source material, the popularity of the series, and sales – analyzing three things will help us to get the idea. The method is so accurate and it comes out true in 95% of cases.

So, I have done some work on these things and now going to bring up to you; from which you will have that idea whether there will be any season 2.

Source Material For No Game No Life Season 2

In most cases, the source materials are mainly light novels, manga series, movies, and games. For this series, the main source material is light novels.

The light novels which are still going on have more possibility to continue the anime series. When the story of the novels ends, the anime ends too. Or it can be like Classroom Of The Elite season 2 which has more possibility to happen because of the unfinished novel.

And another thing is, how many light novels were used making the first season. If it has got novels that turned into anime already, then it has got more chances like One Punch Man season 3.

How Many Volumes Are There Of No Game No Life?

Till now, there are 10 volumes of light novels released in Japan and still available. The author Yu Kamiya released the first one on April 25, 2012. And the last one got released on January 25, 2018. The heartbreaking news is there is the possibility of no new novel in 2020.

The series has two manga series which are based on light novels. The first manga series has 2 volumes starting January 27, 2013, and still more to release. This one is following the original series in the manga format.

The other one is a spin-off series that has 4 volumes. The original run was from May 27, 2015, to November 27, 2017.

How Many Light Novels Were Covered For No Game No Life Season 1?

Three volumes out of 10 were covered for season 1 of this series. If season 2 starts, then it will start from volume 4 of the light novel. Though the movie No Game No Life: Zero has covered the whole of the novel series.

We can conclude that the main source is still going on. And the anime has got 6 volumes of novels to adapt. That is enough to have a new season because fans are eagerly waiting for this one.

Sales And Profit Information Of No Game No Life Season 1

Sales And Profit Information no game no life

When an anime doesn’t see much profit from season 1, then it’s unlikely to continue the series. Also, the sales section includes profit from both the television series and movie. Then it can have the fate of Noragami season 3 which is not announced yet.

Blu-Ray sales

There were six disks released in Japan of this series and each of the disks sold about 9,000 copies on average. Also, the BD-Box sold around 1000 copies.

I will say it is a good number because some series hardly get 2,000 copies sold. In Japan, if any series sells close to 10,000 copies, then most of the time that has an excellent chance to continue. Even though an anime is not a big hit, it can have the fate of One Punch Man season 3.

Light Novel Sales

The last two volumes of No Game No Life season 1 have a satisfactory number of sales. Number 9 volume which was released on August 25, 2016, sold approximately 160,000 copies. And the last one released in 2018 sold about 170,000 copies.

Well, some might find it not such a good number but I would say it’s one of the top five bestsellers per volume like Overlord, and Overlord season 4 has more chance to happen.


45 figures are available for the series, these are mostly of Schwi, Stephanie, Shiro, Izuna, and Jibril’s. Also, 5000 goods are available including shirts, towels, mugs, etc.

The merchandise is doing so well which’s improving the chance of having the second season. The movie has done a great job along with merch and figures which doesn’t really happen.

The most surprising thing is the movie was released in 2017 but new figures are still coming. In 2020, six new figures from the movie will be announced.

Movie Box Office

The movie No Game No Life has made a profit of around 2,500,000 dollars. 40,000 copies of the film had been sold in Japan.

Undoubtedly, the series has made so much profit. And only the popularity drop can be the blockage in the way of season 2.


If a series can’t get popularity, then there’s no point in making a sequel. Again an anime sees a green light for next season even with a small fan base which is uncommon. So let’s look at the social media and google trends.

Social media

The official website was last updated in 2018 and on Twitter, this franchise has 121,000 followers. The last tweet was in March 2020 about the anime.

Google trends

In 2014, it was at a peak in popularity but after that, the numbers kept dropping. The movie’s searches were 30% of its peak popularity. Current searches are 10% of 2014.

no game no life season 2 release date

Why isn’t No Game No Life season 2 coming?

After going through the analysis, one can easily understand that No Game No life has made a lot of money and the fan base is large. So, profit and popularity can’t be the reasons for not announcing season 2.

There’s news from sources that the light novel release is slowed because of the author’s health issues. It was very smart to release the movie during that time as it kept the series name alive. The reason can also be the busy schedule of the studios.

So, I think maybe it will take time but season 2 will come. There is enough source material for continuing the sequel.

Final Words

We have come to the end of the discussion and I will finish it in a few words. If you haven’t watched the series yet, you can start it because it’s really a different story that will make you thrilled.

Who has already watched it, I know that you are losing patience to know what happened to the siblings and whether they will succeed? I would like to say that we can have hope although we don’t know whether No Game No Life season 2 will really come or not. That’s the only thing we can do now.

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