Who is your all-time favorite anime character? For me it was Naruto. Since I watched the show when I was a teenager, I fell head over heels for Naruto. Today, I will talk about Naruto Uzumaki’s age.

It was never mentioned in the anime what year the characters were born. So, the fans usually predict the character’s age according to their physical features and mental maturity. In the first part of ‘Naruto’, our amazing protagonist appeared as a 12 year old boy and later on the second part of the series, he was a teenager of 15-17 years.

Naruto’s Birth date:

Naruto’s birth date was on 10th October. He was the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. But right after he was born, he had to face the most unfortunate fate.

After he was born, the nine tailed fox attacked Konoha. At that moment, both of Naruto’s parents sacrificed their life to save the newborn baby and the whole village. Naruto’s father was the fourth Hokage.

Naruto Personality:

Naruto grew up without his parents and most of the people around him disliked him because his parents died while saving him. Yet, he became a joyful boy who liked to prank the villagers to get attention. He was easy-going with his teammates and friends, troublemaker, extreme level of energy, overconfident about his strength and power, kind-hearted, loving and loyal person.

Naruto Uzumaki Age

Why Does Naruto Have Whisker Marks?

Naruto had whisker marks on her chicks since his birth. Although there was no confirmed reason behind this, there are some theories. The marks were from the Kyuubi of Nine-tailed. The Nine-tailed and Naruto were in prolonged exposure with one another. So, Naruto got them.

Another theory tells that the spirit probably gave Naruto some of his power. And that left the whisker marks.


After an eventful early teenage life, Naruto came back with Boruto: Naruto Next Generation. Naruto Uzumaki’s age was 31 when he became the head of the village- the Hokage. It was his childhood dream to become the strongest ninja and the Hokage to protect the village just like his father.

And after marrying Hinata at the age of 20, they had a great kid named Boruto. So, now Boruto is carrying out his own journey and becoming more like his father. But he also doesn’t want to become the busier version of Naruto who cannot give his family some time or give attention to his kids.

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