If you want to get real-life hunting experience in a drama series, then Mountain Monsters is the one you can go with. Every episode of its last six seasons gave such adventures that an audience really wanted to see. And of course, Mountain Monsters season 6 was the best of them.

Well, I guess you didn’t watch season 6 or maybe any season yet. And that’s why you are searching for all the important facts of this show full of adventure.

Considering your thrust to know about Mountain Monsters, we have come with this article that will let you know the information about it.

Let’s dive in.     

Is Mountain Monsters Season 6 Finished Yet?

Mountain Monsters season 6 had already finished, with its 10 episodes. It was aired on TV on August 21, 2019, and finished on November 20, 2019. 

The team known as Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS) left the Dark Forest and went hunting. But 18 months later, they returned to the Dark forest again and their adventures started. With this adventure, season 6 ended last year. 

When Is Mountain Monsters Season 6 Episode 12 Will Release?

The American reality show has 6 seasons so far. Season 6 was about finding the Spearfinger. And at the end of this season, they found what they were looking for.

Each season had 10 episodes. So, we won’t get episode 12 of season 6. The last episode was aired on November 20, 2019. In the last episode, the AIMS team found their team member Jeff and the Spearfinger creature, what they had started to look for in episode 1 of season 6.  

Don’t get your hopes down though. There may be another season coming in the next year.

How Many Episodes Are In Season 6?

The breathtaking monsters hunting reality TV show had 10 episodes in each season. There were a total of 60 episodes. The 1st season premiered in 2013 and the last one was most recently in 2019. Another season may be coming soon.

Each episode of 40 minutes is like a real experience of hunting distinctive creatures on a mountain. The team AIMS, with hunters and trappers, will give you an experience of being on a real mountain with them. Every 40 minutes, you will forget what to believe and what to not. 

Mountain Monsters season 6 episode 12

Where to watch season 6? 

Travel Channel is the official site to watch Mountain Monsters. From season 1 to season 6, each season came to end with 10 episodes. Though the reality television series was 1st aired on the Destination America channel, later it was airing on the Travel channel.

You can also watch this on different sites like Hulu, Prime videos. 

Is it worth watching Mountain Monsters?

If you want to get a real-life experience of mountain hunting, you definitely should watch Mountain Hunters season 6. Each episode will take you on a real-unreal hunting tour. Mountain Monsters is such an American TV reality show, not only adventurous but also funny.

The team members of AIMS are the trappers and hunters. Each member with a different personality and a funny appearance will get your attention. In fact, the team will make the unknown creatures known to you.

Creatures like Bigfoot, Lizard Man, Spearfinger, etc. were some unknown creatures that were revealed by the AIMS team. You will surely become a fan of this TV show if you love adventures. 

Is it on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Mountain Monsters is not available on Netflix. But as it is a reality show you can watch it on a TV channel. The official site of this show is the Travel Channel. 

You will get drama or series like Barry season 3 on Netflix after its release. But most reality shows aired on TV channels. 

Is Mountain Monsters Real?

You may start to believe it is real when you watch the show. But as it is for entertainment, the fans do not care if it is real or fake. But they definitely found it entertaining. This show is so funny yet realistic that you cannot stop watching once you start.

Bigfoot, Spearfinger named creatures are the unknown creatures, AIMS tried to reveal them. You will enjoy the journey with the AIMS team hunting and tracking these mysterious creatures. 

There are serious debates about the show’s reality. But fans like to believe that this show is only for entertainment purposes. They like it as a funny and crazy adventurous tracking of new unknown creatures of the AIMS team. But they eventually cannot get to capture those creatures. 

Was Mountain Monsters Season 6 Popular?

The Mountain Monsters TV show has six seasons so far. Obviously, the show is popular among fans. It is a reality TV show following the AIMS team hunting and tracking down unknown creatures.  

Fans are now waiting for season 7. The 1st five seasons were aired on Destination America but season 6 was premiered on another channel named Travel Channel. The travel channel will be releasing in the upcoming season also. 

Ratings of Mountain Monsters season 6?

Mountain Monsters is originally an American TV series. It was 1st aired on June 22, 2013. The TV channel named Destination America was the one where it premiered. The rating on IMDb is 5/10 and on TV.com it has a rating of 7.5 out of 10. 

The rating may be less than other television series like snowfall season 4, Jack Ryan season 3, but the adventure of Mountain Monsters will be memorable. 

This show was loved by the fans. The show was enjoyable as the AIMS team hunted many creatures such as Werewolf, Bigfoot, Moth Man, Lizard Man, and Hellhound. The characters of each different team member were funny and crazy. 

What was the plot of Mountain Monsters season 6?

Mountain Monsters season 6 aired on TV after a two years break on August 21, 2019. The show’s season one to five was 1st aired on Destination America, but on season 6, it changed to Travel Channel. And with 10 amazing episodes, season 6 ended on November 20, 2019.

Season 6 started with the team moving back to Dark Forest after 18 months. They started looking for a creature named Spearfinger. The team went back to West Virginia, in search of Waya Woman. They also tracked down a bear-like creature named Silver Giant. After their crazy adventure, they finally get their creature, Spearfinger.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you should better start the journey of the Mountain Monsters adventure soon. 

Mountain Monsters Season 7 Release Date?

If you are a fan of distinctive creatures, then you might be amazed to know that Mountain Monsters will be releasing a new season soon. It was supposed to be released in August 2020. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the production had to be postponed. 

Season 6 ended on November 20, 2019. And finally, Mountain Monsters season 7 was premiered on 10 January 2021. Due to the pandemic situation all over the world, the production and air date fell back. 

Who Were The Aims Team Members As Main Characters?

Mountain Monsters is a TV reality program that started in 2013. The reality show had its last season in 2019 and is waiting for a new season to release.

The show is based on the AIMS team hunting and looking for unknown creatures on a mountain. The AIMS team has six members. Hunters and trappers are the ones who go around the mountain to look for rare creatures. 

John as Team leader Trapper, Jacob as Expert caller known as Buck, Joseph as Huckleberry, Jeff, Willy, and William as Wild Bill- these are the names of six members of AIMS. 

The Appalachian Mountains is the place where these six members track down unknown creatures like Bigfoot, Lizard Man, Mothman, Hellhound, etc. After the theme song, each episode was started with these team members. They get super excited when the one who drives the truck, calls the name of the unknown creature.  

When you describe a trip, show, movie to others, it is never as same as the real experience. This show has a different effect on their fans because the real experience is different for each person. The show really gives its fans many memories.

Mountain Monsters season 6


Mountain Monsters is that kind of show that will make you question reality. You will not believe what is real and what is not watching Mountain Monsters season 6

So the episodes of this reality show will give you a roller-coaster journey to a new unknown world of creatures.

Hope you will watch this show and make new memories with the AIMS team.

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