Merlin is a historical sci-fi fantasy epic that first started airing in September 2008. During its 13-episode first season, Merlin was able to capture the hearts of fans and build a following of viewers who fell in love with the show. Merlin aired for four more seasons before ending abruptly after its Season 5 conclusion. This left many viewers in shambles as the show was in the midst of a very successful run. So, what happened and why did it end? What are some of the things about the show that pulled in viewers all around the world? And will is there going to be a Merlin Season 6?

How Many Seasons Did Merlin Have?

Merlin Season 6

There were a total of five seasons of Merlin. The first episode aired in September 2008 and the final episode aired in December 2012.

What Is The Release Date For Merlin Season 6?

There is no release date for Merlin Season 6. The series has officially ended and will not be continued.

Why Did Merlin Get Canceled?

Contrary to popular belief, Merlin was actually never canceled after its fifth season. Diamond of the Day Part 2 was always intended to be the final episode of the show. In DVD commentary released with the Merlin Series 5 DVD box sets, co-creator Julian Murphy revealed that there were multiple scripts for the series finale – and Murphy didn’t say that any of them included a Merlin Season 6.

Merlin FAQ

Merlin Season 6

Is Merlin A British Show?

Although it aired on the Syfy channel while being broadcast in America, Merlin is a British television program. It originally aired on BBC One before finding its way to American television.

How Many Episodes Are In Merlin Season 1?

The first season of Merlin was comprised of 13 episodes. It aired from September 20, 2008 to December 13, 2008.

What Does the Ending Of Merlin Mean?

In Merlin’s tragic final episode, Arthur Pendragon dies in the arms of his best friend and series’ main protagonist, Merlin. While Arthur dies, Merlin is left to live forever and wander the world. Ultimately, he is now free, and in a flashforward scene that shows him in the present day, it would seem he’s still waiting for Arthur to come back so he can complete his oath.

Did Merlin Fail His Destiny?

Merlin was tasked with protecting Arthur and since Arthur died, Merlin did indeed fail his destiny. The fact that he is immortal holds out hope that the character will one day get his redemption if Arthur were ever to rise again, but Julian Murphy has stood solid on the fact that Arthur is dead and won’t be returning in the series.

Did Merlin Ever Return To Camelot?

This is more than likely the case as Merlin didn’t have anywhere else to go after Arthur’s passing. He could have gone back to Camelot and watched those closest to him pass away and then wander the Earth afterward.

In the actual tale, Merlin was long gone by the time of Arthur’s passing. He’d met a woman and taught her all his magic only for her to imprison him with the same magic he’d taught her. It’s good Murphy and co. didn’t go with this ending.

Who Starred in Merlin?

Merlin had an abundance of skilled actors on set. Colin Morgan, who has also starred in Benjamin, The Huntsman: Winter’s War, and Belfast, played Merlin.

Arthur Pendragon was played by Bradley James, also known for his roles in Underworld: Bloodwars, Damien the series, and The Liberator. The most interesting thing about his inclusion in the series was that he played in the 1998 film Merlin: The Quest Begins as none other than Arthur Pendragon.

Guinevere was played by Angel Coulby. Angel is currently starring in 2022’s Suspicion – a romance-mystery series streaming on Apple TV. She also appeared in Innocent, Undercover, and Thunderbirds Are Go.

Katie McGrath, who you may remember from her roles in Jurassic World, SuperGirl, Secret Bridesmaids’ Business, and Frontier, played Morgan le Fay. She also starred in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, another movie related to the timeless legend.

Tom Hopper, best known for notable roles in Game of Thrones, Black Sails, and as loveable giant Luther in The Umbrella Academy, played Percival. Hopper has appeared in many mainstream hits including Terminator: Dark Fate, My Hero Acadmeia, and Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.

Where Can You Watch Merlin?

Since there isn’t going to be a Merlin Season 6, you might find yourself wanting to re-watch old episodes. Or, maybe you want to watch it for the first time. Merlin was removed from popular streaming giant Netflix in December of 2019, but you can still watch all five seasons on Hulu and on Amazon Prime with a subscription to Prime

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