Do you want to travel from one planet to another and have exciting experiences just by sitting in front of your television? Today I am here with a story like that which will give you the feeling without any delay. 

The Star Wars authorized Mandalorian series is here to take you to that fantasy world. And just like the previous season, Mandalorian Season 2 is also exciting to watch. If you are a fan of star wars, then this exciting show is just for you.

In this article, I am going to tell you some rousing facts about this show. So, Let’s get started.

About Star Wars Franchise:

Before starting with the Mandalorian series, I think you need to know about Star Wars franchises first. Star Wars is an opera series for TV. This show is of American origin. 

It is basically a space-related fantasy sci-fi opera franchise. The main director of this epic series is George Lucas. It started in 1977.

After releasing this show, it became so popular that the show was called- pop culture phenomenon.

After having huge success, this franchise started making different types of science fiction and space-related series. And Mandalorian is one of the famous series of this franchise. 

First Release of Mandalorian:

In this show, the Mandalorian Season 1 was released in 2019 November. A total episode of 8 concluded the debut installment. The original releasing network of that show was Hot Star and Fairview Entertainment produced the show.

Mandalorian Season 2 Release Date

Mandalorian Season 2 Release Date:

If you have started watching Mandalorian recently, you can watch two seasons back to back. The second season was released in October 2020. This one was also a production of Fairview Entertainment with the collaboration of Lucasfilm and Golem Creation. In this season, 8 episodes were aired. 


The story is a full package of adventure, excitement, thrill, action, drama, spaceships, planets, and science-fiction content.  So, you can get a full form of entertainment in one place.

Characters and Cast:

In both seasons, the casting selection according to the characters was tremendous. By their mind-blowing acting skill, this show became more rich and truthful to the audience. World-famous actor Pedro Pascal worked as the main protagonist of this show named Mandalorian. 

Another attraction of this show was “Baby Yoda”. The character development of this role was amazing throughout the whole Star Wars series as well as in this show. This character had become so lively by the voice of David Acord.

Besides these two main lead characters, there were some interesting casts in this show who equally did their job beautifully by giving their best. They were Gina Carano, Carl Wealth, Dave Filoni, Emily Swallow, Katee Sackhoff, and many more.

Age Limit To Watch This Show

It is a 12+ up-based show. From teenagers to senior-aged viewers, everyone can enjoy this show with family and friends. Spending any specious time with family, it can be the best option to enjoy.

Plot of Mandalorian Season 1:

If you already have watched season 1, you might remember what happened. But if you don’t, this article will juggle your mind. 

Mandalorian was considered a bounty hunter. They could survive by only hunting. Otherwise, they didn’t have any ability to do anything else.

In the first episode, Greef Karga was introduced, who was the leader of bounty hunters. He paid Mandalorian very poor payment for hunting, which was not enough for the hunting travel expenses.

For the purpose of having some handsome bounties, Mandalorian took an assignment to hunt by having only an address without any other information. This assignment was given by Nevarro.

After tracking the location, he arrived at a remote planet without knowing exactly what he was looking for. In that place, he met an alien farmer, who pointed him in the right direction.

In that place, Mandalorian had to face other bounty hunters recognized as IG-11. They also were looking for the same target. While fighting with them, he discovered a green adorable baby alien. That baby Yoda was complete suspense to Mando.

When he found the baby, IG -11 started to attack them. At that moment, Mando left that place having baby Yoda with him in his spaceship.

Mando returned to his client and handed over that baby and received a huge amount of commission. After having the commission, his armor was upgraded with huge power. But when he handed over that child to them, he was in guilt and wanted to know what they would do with that child.

He went there and asked about that child, but they refused to tell him anything. Mando decided to rescue that child.

Mando’s fellow Mandalorian was helped him to escape to a silent planet named Sorgan. At the end of the season, his true name Din Djarin was revealed.

What Happened in Mandalorian Season 2?

Mandalorian Season 2 started with chapter 9: The Marshal. Mandalorian reached Mos Pelgo to find the Jedi. But he found a strange character who was not one of his guild but wore the Mandalorian Armor. Mandalorian made a deal with him to fight the Krayt Dragon.

After the fight, he started his journey to Trask to gather more information. In the middle of their journey, they were ambushed several times and had to take a detour to repair the ship. In chapter 5, the child’s true identity was revealed. 

Since I am not going to give you any spoilers, you have to watch the series to know the rest of the story. But I can assure you that you will have to sit upright till the very end of this season.

The season ended with a top-notch action sequence and after everything settled down, The Mandalorian resumed his adventure again.

What Happened in Mandalorian Season 2

Will there be Mandalorian season 3 this year?

Well, the second season just ended last year and it might take more than a year to produce another season. But the showrunner and creators of this series have confirmed that a spin-off may release at the end of 2021.

Therefore, most probably, the Mandalorian will continue his journey with us in 2022.

Social Media Popularity:

Star Wars franchises always have some specialty about their shows. Mandalorian Season 1 was a huge success. After releasing the trailer of season 1, there were 24 million views on YouTube till now. And the season 2 trailer was viewed by 16 million fans.  

Moreover, there are some Facebook groups formed for this show. They have also contained millions of members discussing and sharing their thoughts regarding it.

And ‘Mandalorian hashtag, photos, and videos are included in 1.5M posts on Instagram.

Watching Platform of Mandalorian Season 2:

This was an American television show. But after collaboration with DISNEY PLUS HOT STAR, it is now available on the OTT platform. You can watch it directly on Hot star or other web portals. 

What Should The Audience Watch Before Season 2?

If you are a die-hard fan of this series full of superpower adventure, you can go through some previous shows of the STAR WARS franchises. You will know about each and every character, situation, backstory as well as every detail of it. Those shows will give you clear concepts about the Mandalorian. 


From Season 2, some important categories were nominated for the prestigious EMMY AWARDS. The nominees of those categories are,

  • GianCarlo Esposito for the Outstanding Supporting Actor
  • Timothy Olyphant and Carl Weathers for the Outstanding Guest Actor.
  • The Mandalorian Season 2 was nominated as Outstanding Series in 2021 and Outstanding Stunt Performance as well.

From season 1, this show was awarded for the Outstanding Special Visual Effects, Outstanding Cinematography, Outstanding Sound Editing, Outstanding Production Design, Music Composition, as well as for the Outstanding Sound Mixing category in 2020.


Record-breaking ratings were achieved by season 2. This marvelous show was rated 9.0 out of 10 by IMDb. Rotten Tomatoes critics rated 94%, and the audience gave 90%.

What Should The Audience Watch Before Season 2


Is Mandalorian Season 2 good?

Answer – Certainly it is. With quite a several improvised features, this season has come to viewers with a new avatar. So, it’s undoubtedly worth watching.

Is the Mandalorian Season 2 Sad?

Answer – Like the other shows, this one contains joyous, sad, thrilling, dramatic content. Yes, in the end, there was slightly sadness in this season.

Is baby Yoda actually Yoda?

Answer – At a glance, it seems like the baby and the master Yoda are the same. But they do not. They just belonged to the same planet.

Does Mandalorian save baby yoda?

Answer – Yes, the cute baby Yoda is saved.  

Final Statement:

Star Wars has been close to our hearts from the very beginning. We learned to dream about outer space and aliens by watching the series. The Mandalorian and Mandalorian Season 2 were two diamonds in the crowns and maybe a dream creator for the new generation.

I know you will be looking forward to the next season. But all we can do now is to watch the previous series and patiently wait for the update.

In the meantime, I want to suggest that you watch the Record Of Ragnarok and Trese.

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