Who do you think is the most mysterious character in Made In Abyss? I think that would be Lyza. The story started with her adventurous life as the Annihilator. But it turned out to be the new journey of her daughter after she went missing.

Made In Abyss Riko Mother– was the most searched topic after the anime was released. Everyone was eager to know what exactly happened to her in the bottom of the Abyss. Was it really she that wanted Riko to find her or was it a conspiracy? Let’s try to find that out.

Who Was Riko’s Mother?

Riko’s mother was Lyza. She was one of the few White Whistle Delvers who had exterminated many monsters, outsiders, other evil delvers and any beast that tried to stop her. She tried her best to discover many important relics on her expeditions and decided to make a map of the whole Abyss from top to bottom.

Made In Abyss Riko Mother

Why did Riko’s Mother Leave her?

When Riko was 2 years old, her mother left Riko in care of her apprentice. She went to discover the deepest bottom of the Abyss- the 7th layer. This was named her Last Dive.

After leaving her for 10 years, Riko received a note and a weapon from her mother. Reg delivered the note and the weapon but he lost all of her memories about what Lyza told him to relay.

In that situation, both of them assumed that Lyza was in grave danger and needed help. That’s Why she asked her daughter to come and help. But many other fans think that Lyza would never do such a thing.

Ozen said that the note was not written by Lyza. Again, Lyza had told Ozen before to tell Riko her birth story and how dangerous the environment inside the Abyss was. Ozen tried to keep Riko away from the Abyss for a long time because of that reason.

Perhaps Reg was sent to Riko because Lyza was severely injured and couldn’t come up to the surface on her own. But nobody knows what happened to Lyza till the very end.


This touching yet dark story of this mother-daughter Lyza and Riko has left us to imagine that many things are possible at the end of the story. If Lyza is alive, there is a strong possibility that they will be reunited. If not, the secret about Lyza’s missing will be revealed for sure.

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