Everyone who has watched the anime Made in Abyss might have wondered how old Riko was. Since she was ready to go on a life threatening trip to the bottom of the Abyss for her mother, it is normal to think that she was an adult to make such a decision.

Many people have searched for the Made in Abyss Riko age. And so, today I will let you know Riko’s age and many other features that you might be interested in.

Riko’s Age:

In the anime, Riko appeared as a 12 years old girl. She was full of energy all the time and eager to do everything that is adventurous. Her mother left her when she was only 2 years older. So, she had grown up in the Belchero Orphanage.

The Story Behind Riko’s Birth:

Riko’s parents Torka and Lyza were in deep love and got married. And after a few days, Lyza was assigned to go on an expedition to retrieve the Unheard Bell. But the journey became more difficult because Lyza became pregnant.

During most of the time of pregnancy, Lyza was in the Abyss fighting unknown monsters. However, she was unable to get to the artifact and gave birth to Riko. Unfortunately, the child was dead after birth.

In a normal situation, people wouldn’t have any hope with a dead baby but Lyza’s mentor Ozen didn’t lose hope. Seeing Lyza in deep despair, she put the baby in the Curse-Warding Box. And like magic, the stillborn baby started moving again.

Most probably, the baby was under the curse of the Abyss and was dead for that moment. When they put the baby in a curse-warding box, the baby was protected from the curse and started to breathe again. But it surely caused her some damage as she had to wear glasses to see properly.


Even though Riko was courageous, she didn’t have that much combat skill. While staying at the orphanage, she used to read a lot of books about the Abyss and always wanted to explore to the deepest bottom of it where she was born.

Therefore, she was able to remember each and every information about the monsters, animals, plants, artifacts and secrets of each layer. She was also a good cook and was very friendly with everyone around her.


Riko grew up without his mother for 12 years. I think that is the reason why she decided to sacrifice her safety to save her mother. Made in Abyss Riko age was never the problem for her to go on an expedition. She always tried to make herself ready for The Abyss.

Now, all we can do is to wait for the Made in Abyss Season 2 to see if she can actually save her mother.

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