Whom do you think is the cutest yet toughest character in Made In Abyss? In my opinion that should be Reg. His attitude towards every problem and his aim to save Riko from any possible danger made him an incredible character. And his appearance was always adorable and fans loved him for that.

The most talked topic about this character was Made In Abyss Reg Helmet. In this article, I will try to recollect information you should know about this helmet of Reg. So, let’s dive in.

Who Is Reg?

Reg is the robotic character Riko’s mother Lyza found in the deepest layer of the Abyss. She sent Reg to forbid Riko from entering the Abyss to find her mother. But Reg lost his memory before his system was reset.

Because of his memory loss, nothing about his species, source or even name was found by Riko. That’s why she named him after the dog she used to have.

Reg’s Helmet

Reg’s Helmet:

Reg appears to have male physical features in his body. Although everything about his body seems to be human-like, his legs and hands are mechanical. Unfortunately, from head to toe, his body contains several scars and injuries from different fights.

Reg wears a helmet throughout the series. His dark hair is often covered by his helmet. The helmet is made with metal and has two horns that are not similar sized. I personally think those asymmetric horns made him look like Vikings.

Moreover, a glass lens is also in the front of the helmet. According to manga, this lens changes colors and it displays a certain number. This number indicates how many Incinerator Charges have left for him to use.

About Incinerator:

Due to this ability, Reg can emit powerful light. Every object the light touches returns back to Abyss. And it has a burn-of effect. This extremely thermal energy of the Incinerator has a limited use. And the lens of the helmet indicates how much more time Reg can use it.

After using this power for 10 minutes, Reg needs to recharge himself with electricity. So, it is tiring for him as well.


I know there is lots of confusion going on in your head about the source of the power the helmet holds. Well, that is why we are eagerly waiting for the second season. Who knows, maybe the secret behind Reg’s identity and his true mission will be revealed in this season.

SO, keep watching good anime and wait for Made In Abyss Season 2.  

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