There are many art styles in the Japanese anime industry. Among them, the art style of made In Abyss is quite unique. The funny thing about this style is that sometimes it becomes hard to speculate the gender of the character because they all sort of look the same.

If you have watched season 1, I assume you have been wondering about the Made In Abyss Nanachi gender since then. In that case, prepare yourself for the surprise because there is no definitive answer for that. 

While most of the time this, character was thought to be female, the creators have used pronouns that are gender neutral for Nanachi.

Who Is Nanachi?

Nanachi was a character in the anime Made In Abyss. She was the sole survivor of the sixth level of the Abyss.  It is thought that she was born as a girl. But when she ascended to the deepest part of the Abyss, she survived the dungeons but lost her humanity.

Now, she appeared as a rabbit. She had her intelligence and emotions intact and seemed more mature than the other characters.

Is Nanachi A Girl or Boy?

The reliable sources on the internet have stated that Nanachi’s gender is not specified. She could be a girl or a boy. However, in many fan forums, this question has stormed for many days after the anime was released but no one could find the exact answer.

To find what the fans are thinking, MyAnimeList has created a poll where 65.54% people think that Nanachi is a girl.

Again, the fans think that the dubbing seems like a boy’s voice. And the relationship between Nanachi and Mitty made the audience think that this character may be a boy inside. 

They both showed affection for each other and fans want to conclude that Nanachi is a boy who lost the sense of gender in his outer appearance.

Is Nanachi A Girl or Boy

What Does The Author Say?

The creator of Made In Abyss- Akihito Tsukushi and the production team have always answered the question with a witty smile. They said that it is not defined yet and they let the fans imagine the gender while using gender- neutral pronouns for Nanachi.

Many fans have stated that the author is simply having fun by throwing the fans to the confusion pit and is watching them debating about gender.


Well, this is a never-ending debate. Whether Made In Abyss Nanachi Gender is a male or female. We also don’t know how long the author will keep playing with the gender of the characters.

However, keep Made In Abyss Season 2 in your watch list and let’s see if this season reveals Nanachi’s gender or not.

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