Made In Abyss is one of the top anime that have won thousands of fans’ hearts around the world. It was awarded as the ‘Anime of the Year’ in 2018. Therefore, when the renewal of the show was announced, fans were really hyped about the second season.

And since season 1 had depicted many mysteries, fans are speculating that season 2 might give them some answers. Mysteries like ‘Made In Abyss Lyza death’ may be disclosed in the upcoming season.

In this article, I will try to tell you about the mystery of Made in Abyss Season 2.

What Happened to Lyza?

Made In Abyss Season 1 had told us the story about a town named Orth. The town circulates around the mysteries of the Abyss. In this town, a brave girl named Lyza was born.

Lyza became the Annihilator and White Whistle Delver of the Abyss. She became the apprentice of Ozen and achieved many relics through countless expeditions. In the Unheard Bell Flashback Arc Lyza married Torka and eventually gave birth to Riko.

Even though Riko was a stillborn child, she was saved by Ozen. But Lyza had to go for another expedition to the 6th layer of the Abyss to retrieve a special Grade Artifact named Unheard Bell.

Is Lyza Dead?

There are several theories roaming around the internet. The most reliable one tells that Lyza died on the 7th layer of the abyss and sent Reg to help Riko. But after returning to the surface, Reg lost his memories in order to help Riko fight a monster.

Reg thought that he was on the surface to bring Riko to her mother to the deepest pit of the Abyss where Lyza needed help. But there was a possibility that Lyza had sent him to stop Riko from the dark world of the Abyss.

Since Lyza couldn’t get herself to the surface when she was the best among the best, chances are high that she is dead.

Again, the grave of Lyza in the Garden of the Flowers of Resilience shows the possibilities of her being dead. That was her favorite place inside the Abyss. However, to get an appropriate answer, all we can do is to wait for the second season to air.


Well, to know more precisely what happened to the mystery of Made in Abyss Lyza death, you need to wait a little longer. The production studio has confirmed the Made in Abyss Season 2 release date in 2022 though there are no exact dates.

Till then, watch the previous season and tell me what you think about Lyza’s death.

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