This summer 2022 the Otaku world has been blessed with some of the most anticipated Anime there is to watch. Lycoris Recoil is one such Anime, of which we shall be recapping Episode 6 titled “Opposites Attract”, I wonder where this episode could lead us!


The protagonist of this anime is Takina Inoue, a strong, confident and uptight high school girl working for the DA (Direct Attack). The organization raises young orphan girls to be grown assassins, under their Lycoris program. However, Takina messes up a hostage situation which lands her a ticket out of the DA and into her new base LycoReco, a café in disguise.

Partnering up with Chisato Nishikigi, a prodigy recruit but completely different to what Takina had envisioned her to be. Indifferent towards her work, dragging Takina into her odd jobs of helping others as much as she can.

The pieces don’t fit the puzzle even more when Takina notices Chisato take down a whole group of armed assailants without killing any of them. Nonetheless, the two must work together to put an end to the terrorist attacks that have swarmed Japan.

 Episode 6 ‘Opposites Attract’-Recap

In the previous episode, Chisato and Takina were tasked with the job of giving a tour of Japan to an old man who suffers from a critical disease that hampers him from using his limbs. Sounds very trivial but alas these are the type of ‘odd jobs’ that Chisato drags Takina into. Somehow, their small act of kindness for Mr. Matsushita leads them to encounter an assassin out to put an end to his life.

It was soon discovered Mr. Matsushita doesn’t exist and the primary objective of the criminals behind it was to get a good picture of Chisato and Takina.

A gang of men target and assault the Lycoris girls who are on solo duty; one by one killing each and every one of them mercilessly. Worried for the safety of her partner, Takina plans to stay over at Chisato’s house until the situation gets better. Bells of happiness ring in Chisato’s ears, who with a burst of energy shows Takina her safe house hidden under the apartment.

Which makes sense, since they are agents tasked to assassinate terrorists. Chores are decided between the two but by a game of rock, paper scissors, which Takina loses in all, making her take up all of the chores.

Robota is the primary culprit and hacker who finds the identities of the Lycoris girls, singling them out and allowing Majima to kill them. Despite this, Majima demands to know the location to the headquarters of the DA, which our fellow Robota still hasn’t discovered.

Given three days’ time to find it otherwise his neck is next on the list. Pressure building up and time not on his side, Robota seeks help of other hackers to do the job; a certain Mister Me gives it a go and instead gets arrested by the police for possessing child porn, absolutely disgusting.

Judgment day has arrived for Robota, with the appearance of Majima on his front door. Thrown down on his knees, the gun lock and loaded on his forehead, finger on the trigger, moments before pulling it, a video of Chisato plays in the background.

Where it can be seen Chisato is giving one hell of a wakeup call to Robota’s men who tried to kill her. Pausing his initial intention to kill Robota, Majima makes way to kill the Lycoris girl.

Coming back to the Lycoris café, an air of fright and anxiety has ceased the air around them. Kurumi rushes in with fresh Intel of the hacking methods used by the attackers to locate their identity and location before finally attacking them in groups. Their next target seemingly being none other than Chisato.

At the same time, Chisato walks down the dark, empty streets which leads her to get hit by a car, driven by Majima. A sinister smile across his face, he aims his gun to deliver the final shot but is stopped dead with Chisato blinding them with her poncho, followed by bullets on his men.

She bolts through the streets running for safety, Majima close behind in a car, ready for round two now. However, he is hit by a series of rubber bullets, consequently toppling the car with him in it.

Chisato aims her gun at the fallen serial assailant but gets caught by surprise when he spits blood in her eyes, temporarily blinding her vision. The two get involved in a fist fight, Majima winning this bit, thanks to his cheap and dirty tricks.

Chisato falls to the ground, Majima on the ready to shoot and finish the job and just when all hope is lost, Takina comes to the rescue. Accompanied by Mizuki and Mika, their other team members, who force the girls in the car and drive off.

Majima may have lost the battle but the war isn’t over. Growing a unique interest in Chisato, he orders Robota to dig up everything about her. Takina agrees to live with the enthusiastic Chisato but on the condition they divide the work. Rock, paper, scissors is played again and this time, Takina comes out victorious.

 Final Words

An honest jurisdiction for this episode would be ‘a coolness for my eyes’. From the action, to the suspense, it showed no signs of putting its foot on the breaks. We get to see Chisato tackle almost every situation that comes her way, from the sneak attacks to being cornered by Majima’s men. In every situation, she has shown utter dexterity and intelligence. The anime also steers us to the actual plot, giving us insight into what’s going to come next, especially Majima’s interest in Chisato.

Finally, we get to see a much more supportive and positive side of Takina, who rushes to save her annoying but close partner and on winning the rock, paper and scissors game, brightens up the room with her adorable laugh. There is still more we must know and until the next episodes don’t come out, we must impatiently wait. See you in the next one!

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