Rom-Com anime are my all-time favorite series to pass the weekend. And if you have similar interests as mine, I hope you have already watched the anime called Love Is War. 

Now, today I am here to keep you updated about the third installment- Love Is War Season 3. You will get information about the exact release date, plot, and popularity of the upcoming series.

Be with us to the end of this article to learn all the exclusive facts. Let’s get started. 

Origin Of Love Is War Season 1

Love is war is the anime television series adaptation of the manga Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War. The manga was published by Shueisha. And  Aka Akasaka had created the story.

The television series version of this well-known manga was directed by Shinichi Omata. The narration from manga to tv series was created by a collaboration of Yasuhiro and Yukei.

The unique comedy-romance-action-based love story was first published in 2015. And was adapted for the TV Anime Series in 2019 by A-1 Pictures. The very first season of this anime had 12 episodes.


This animation series is truly based on a romantic and beautiful love story with a comedic atmosphere consisting of psychological effects of life. Rivalry and twisted emotions in this unique love story can make you feel thrilled and hooked up with the plot twists.

What Happened In Previous Seasons 

In Love Is War Season 1, Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane were the two lead characters of this series. They both were students of the prestigious Shuchiin Academy. 

Both of them were in the lead position of the school’s Student Council. So, both had an ego of being well-ranked students as well as president or vice president of Council. 

They had spent lots of time together doing work for school welfare. Naturally, they started having feelings for each other. Now, like the name of the anime, a new war began.

But both of them were not willing to confess their feelings to each other. They believed that, if one of them confessed their feelings, it would be a sign of being weak to the other one and that one would lose the mind game. Their ego didn’t allow them to confess their true feelings.  

In Love Is War Season 2, some new characters were introduced for the student council election. Other than this event, the season was not that different from the first one.

However, both Kaguya and Shirogane couldn’t express their hidden love. But both of them tried several things so that the other could feel the warmth and understand without saying anything in words.

What Will Happen In Season 3: Ultra Romantic?

Since the manga is coming to an end, there is a big possibility that the couple will make some progress this season. At least the fans are hoping for them to confess and drop all the acts.

Love Is War Season 3 Release Date:

A trailer has already been released this year and A1 Pictures have confirmed the release of season 3 in April 2022.

Will There Be Love Is War Season 4?

Although there aren’t any official cancellations for the fourth season, I don’t think there will be one. Since the manga is already at the ending arc, there will not be enough source material to make a whole season. There can be OVAs and short clips but no season 4.

Social Media Popularity:

Kaguya-Sama Love Is War: season 3: Ultra Romantic official trailer was a super fun one and around 113k fans have already watched the trailer.

Approximately, 44.2k Kaguya-Sama fans are posting photos and reminiscing the previous episodes to welcome the new season on Instagram.


As per popularity of this show, the rating score is an example of how much of a hit it is. From IMDb, this show was scored as 8.5/10 and from Myanimelist as 8.4/10.

Love Is War Season 3


What Age Is Kaguya Sama For?

Answer- According to chapter 152 of the manga version, her age is 17.

Does Kaguya like Shirogane?

Answer- In season 1, we saw some spark was present among Kaguya and Shirogane. But in the 2nd season, Kaguya imagined herself as a wife of Shirogane. So, she definitely likes him.

Does Netflix Have Love Is War?

Answer- Unfortunately No. The audience from all over the world who are mostly dependent on Netflix can find it on this platform. This one is not available on it. You can watch the drama on Crunchyroll or animepahe.

Ending Statement 

Love is such a precious feeling in life. Each and everybody has this feeling to make life so beautiful and cherished. But sometimes it’s become so difficult to choose the right direction of love life. 

Love Is War Season 3 will once again depict the slice-of-life romantic comedy and the confusion and struggle people face to confess to their crush in their love life. I hope this season will be as enjoyable as the previous ones.

And also keep Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Movie and The Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2 as the release date of both of these series will be confirmed in a few days.

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