The virtual game based on ancient battles surely has great appeal to video game lovers. And this is the reason the league of legends got huge popularity. But unfortunately, I missed watching season 9 and searching for when does season 9 starts League of Legends.

Yes, I got my answer. What’s more? I got lots more information that I think you will love to know as a league of legends lover. And now, I can’t help sharing my research experience with you.

I have designed this article with lots of amazing facts about this video game. Let’s see. 

First Release of League of Legends:

First Release of League of Legends

You probably have fantasized about yourself in a big arena, battling in an ancient style. Well, League of Legends has brought the chance to get you out of this fantasy, and have some real battle in an ancient style. 

For those who have no idea what League of Legends is, I must say it’s an online multiplayer video game, virtually giving you the chance to fight battles in an arena. Riot Games, Inc. has developed this fantastic game, and they took the theme from the ancient defense battle.

Ever since the release of its first season in the mid of October 27, 2009, it has earned enormous popularity, especially among the teen, and earned the Golden Joystick Awards twice.

Start League Of Legends Season 9 Release Date: [Update: month20]

When Does Season 9 Start League Of Legends

Well, you may ask, when does season 9 start League of Legends? I am very much pleased to inform you that the season has already been released, and sadly ended as well. Season 9 of League of Legends was released by Riot Games with patch 9.2 on January 23, 2019, and ended on November 7, 2019. 

But you don’t have to worry about it, perhaps, you have played the League of Legends season 10. Furthermore, the League of Legends season 11 release date is 8 January 2021. Stay with us, we will come to this later on. 

For your information, the League of Legends releases patches periodically. For those who may have some confusion about the patches, I want to say that patches are newly updated versions of the game. And these patches contain newly added or updated features, such as new or updated champions, items, and skins. 

Some Of The New Features That Riot Games Had Made In Season 9:

League of Legends Riot Games

Although season 9 has ended, you must be happy to know about the updated features of season 9. So, here we are to let you give a brief on it. 

  • Ranks: This league patch 9.2 has an addition of two new ranks. The previous version has a Bronze rank at the bottom. But this version has placed Iron at the bottom.
  • Tiers: There have been only four tiers in this patch, while the previous patch has five.
  • Champions: Five new champions have been added to that season: Neeko, Yuumi, Sylas, Quyana, Senna.
  • Regions: Season 9 had two updated regions, Demacia and Bandle, also another new city, Ixtal as the gaming plot.

Latest Released Season Of League Of Legends:

Well, the Riot Games are very much concerned about updating the game on a regular basis and also making sure that you don’t get bored by playing the same version. The latest season that they released is season 11 on January 8, 2021, and it is expected to come to an end in 2021. The latest patch they released in season 10 is 10.22 with new and updated features. However, they didn’t change the rank system.

When Will Be League Of Legends Season 11?

 League Of Legends Season 11

Well, season 10 was ended on November 10, 2020. And season 11 was released immediately after the end of season 10. There was a pre-season period of about two months and thus season 11 was released with new league patch 11.1 in early January 2021.

New Items In The Upcoming Season:

The Riot Games has planned to reshape the game completely in the coming season. The new patch 10.23 will include reworked legendary items (13), mythic items (23), epic items (9), and classic items (28).

Who Is The All-time Best Player In League Of Legends?

Best Player In League Of Legends

Interestingly, League of Legends awarded its best-ranked players with a huge amount of prize money. Now, you may be curious to know, who is the all-time best of this league? The answer is Faker. This guy has earned prize money of $1,254,240.23 and truly an extraordinary player.  

Five best players:

1. Faker (LCK-SKT T1)

2. Rookie (LPL- Invictus Gaming)

3. Uzi (LPL-  Royal Never Give Up)

4. Caps (LEC- G2 Esports)

5. Rekkles (LEC- Fnatic)

How to Play:

Some people find it difficult to play the game because of its diverse characters. So, here we are to give you a quick overview of playing it. Perhaps, you can watch some playing tutorials incorporated within the game which may be helpful for you. 

Your first step to start the game is picking up a champion. Champion is your playing character that has unique play styles and special powers and abilities. Currently, gaming features include more than 140 champions.

You will have five mates in your team and your team will play against another team, having five mates as well. To win the game, you and your team have to destroy the other’s team base which is quite challenging. Killing the enemies, and their base will bring a great amount of gold.


As I mentioned earlier, it is an enormously popular game with monthly recorded 115 Million players in 2020. IGN and GameZone both rate it above 9/10, placing it in the list of top ten e-sporting events around the globe.

Do I start Playing it?

You may have watched the TV series ‘Spartacus’ or ‘Vikings’, if you did watch those, you probably remember the battles in ancient style. Those breathtaking battles were great to watch. 

Even if you didn’t watch these, you must have watched ‘No Game, No Life’, and now you must be waiting for the No Game No Life Season 2

What? You didn’t watch this as well. I would say, go and start watching this. It’s an amazing animation series, with lots of ancient battles.

Now, the interesting part is you don’t have to limit yourself only by watching those; instead, you can fight a battle by playing the League of Legends. So, for getting the best experience of the ancient battle, start playing it immediately.

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Final Words:

Now it’s time to draw an end to this article and before ending it, I would like to give my personal opinion. I think this game has some great graphical plots, some amazing features, and above all, it’s a very much competitive game.

And you know now when does season 9 starts League of Legends. And it is your turn now. 

If you have a great passion for gaming and want some breathtaking battle experience, I would highly recommend you to start playing it.

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