What genres of anime do you like the most? For me, action and adventure blended with a little bit of humor in a fantasy world background work the best. That’s why I loved watching Konosuba from the very beginning.

For two years, I have been waiting for KonoSuba Season 3 after the success of season 2, like thousands of fans. And today I have great news for KonoSuba fans out there.

In this article, you will know the release date, plot, and also some interesting facts about the upcoming installment.

So, let’s get started.

First Release of KonoSuba:

The anime series debuted on January 14, 2006, on TV. Studio Deen adapted the anime from the Light Novel series. The first season had 10 episodes and each of them lasted for 23 minutes.

What Happened in the Previous Seasons?

In KonoSuba Season 1, Kazuma Satou (protagonist) was introduced to Aqua after his sudden but pathetic death. Aqua, an obnoxious goddess, proposed to him two options to choose from: either heading to his journey to heaven or reincarnate as the hero of a fantasy world of the game.

Kazuma used to be a gamer before death. So, he took the challenge and selected Aqua to be with him throughout the journey. But Aqua wasn’t very useful for his quest to fight the demon at all. And above all of these things, they had to earn their livelihood and pay their rent in time to stay alive in the game.

Gradually, Megumin (magician) and Darkness (crusader) joined the party. Together they fought many big and small wars with the evil creatures. Lastly, they won in the war against the Destroyer. But Kazuma ended up destroying the noble mansion and got himself arrested.

KonoSuba Season  2 started with the trial of Kazuma. The judge asked him to prove his innocence and repay the damages. After the castle incident, the group had to worry about their living expenses again. New characters engaged with the fantastic group of fighters.

The ending arc showed the incident of the hot springs. The Devil King sent one of his army leaders to poison the water of the town. At first, the people of the town were disturbed because Aqua was purifying all the hot springs to normal water. But soon they realized and the town was saved by Kazuma and his gang.

konosuba season 3 release date

KonoSuba Season 3: Canceled or Renewed?

The third installment was really uncertain even a few days ago. But the great news is, finally the staff and crew team of KonoSuba have decided to renew the series once again. On 18 July 2021, the creators announced the renewal of the show through a post on their official Twitter account.

Even though it hasn’t been decided yet which studio will take over the third season, a new poster is already released all over the internet. Rumors were spreading that if the Konosuba Movie by J.C. Staff provides good business in the theaters, only then a 3rd season will be produced. Since the movie in 2019 did a pretty good job of satisfying the fans, another season will surely come.

Source Material:

The anime follows the LN which is still ongoing since 2013. Around 27 volumes have been published. Therefore, more than enough source material is left to animate the 3rd season.

Social Media Popularity:

If you take a look at the following fan base, you will understand why season 3 has to air, no matter what happens.

954k posts are flooding Instagram with photos and videos of KonoSuba.

The official fan page of KonoSuba on Facebook is liked by 209,360 people around the world.

524k people watched the trailer of the first season on YouTube. Hence, you can imagine how many fans are there, waiting for another season.


KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World received the BookWalker’s Grand Prix Award in 2016. The characters were also nominated for Crunchyroll Anime Awards a couple of times.


IMDb rated the anime 7.8 out of 10 and MyAnimeList scored 8.1 out of 10 by calculating the voting of 950,800 viewers.

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Is KonoSuba R rated?

Answer: The show is recommended for kids over the age of 13.

What Genres Are KonoSuba?

Answer: The anime is a full package of adventure, comedy, parody, supernatural powers (swords and sorcery) in a fantasy world of a famous RPG.

Who Does Kazuma End Up With?

Answer: According to volume 17 of the LN, Kazuma ends up with Megumin

Does Kazuma Defeat The Devil King?

Answer: Eventually, Kazuma defeats the devil king.


I know, it can be frustrating to wait for the next season after a series ends with an incomplete arc. But as the renewal of KonoSuba Season 3 has already been confirmed, we can guess the premier will happen in early 2022. Now all you can do is to wait patiently and watch more interesting anime.

Till then, I am highly recommending you to read Goblin Slayer Season 2 and Death Note Season 2. If you are an anime-freak, you will definitely love reading about this anime as well.

And we will let you know if we receive any updates.

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