Character comparison between different anime is one of the top discussing facts for the otakus. And recently, fans are hyped arguing about Saitama and Goku. Is Saitama stronger than Goku?

Although I think the comparison cannot be done because each and every cast of any animation is special for its own power, capacity, ability, and as well as its own mystery. But if we compare closely, Saitama might be stronger than Goku.

Who Are Saitama and Goku?

Saitama and Goku are two very important characters in the anime world. They are from the classic series One Punch Man and Dragon Ball respectively. 

In both of the anime, Goku played an impactful character as a protagonist just like Saitama did. We have seen Saitama and Goku showing their own heroic activities for a pretty long time. So, who is the best?

Is Saitama Stronger Than Goku

Who Is Stronger?

Overall, Saitama and Goku both are the most powerful heroes in anime history. If we compare on the basis of power, we all know that Saitama has one special ability to defeat any one. The special power is his out-of-the-world and strongest One Punch. 

His one punch can finish and eliminate anyone standing in front of him. The name One Punch Man Justifies Saitama’s character. And unlike any other hero, his strengths are constant and infinite compared to any threats.

On the other hand, Goku was also the main lead in the Dragon Ball series. Goku belonged to an alien warrior race and he had special supernatural powers. He could fly, ran so fast, and by the key blast, his strength became stronger than before.

Both of the characters are so adventurous from their own field. But from the point of view of comparison, I believe Saitama is stronger than Goku. Saitama’s one powerful punch is good enough to defeat goku.

Hence Goku has some supernatural powers but can be limited and overwhelmed by the enemy’s attack. But Saitama has a strong and humorous way to defeat the monsters with his punching ability. 

Ending Vibes 

Both Saitama and Goku are such impactful characters that they became the inspiration or heroic idols to their fans of any age. This inspiration can drive them to the right way of achieving their aim in life. 

Since I loved both of the characters, it was really hard for me to compare who is stronger. So, let’s just enjoy the show and take only the positivity the characters have to offer. Otherwise, this argument is never going to end.

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