If you have watched Demon Slayer Season 1, you may know that Nezuko is the only family Tanjiro has. But is Nezuko older than Tanjiro

Since Nezuko mentioned Tanjiro as ‘Onii-chan’ which means elder brother, Nezuko is not older than Tanjiro. To know more about Tanjiro and his sister, read the following article. In this article, you will know about their age, relationship and abilities as well.

How Old Is Nezuko And Tanjiro?

When first appearing in the anime and manga, Nezuko and Tanjiro were 12 and 13 years old respectively. So, Tanjiro is the older sibling.

What Are The Abilities of Nezuko And Tanjiro?

Nezuko’s birthday was on December 28. From the moment she turned into a demon, she hated the sun. But her appearance as a cute little girl was so loved by many fans that she took 3rd place in the popularity poll.

Even after her transformation Nezuko could retain her humanity unlike other demons. She manipulated her demonic spirit and put it into deep sleep while Tanjiro was away to train. Her inside demon might be the cause of her expanding strength as well.

Tanjiro could manipulate his breathing techniques and use water or fire to fight the enemy, whereas Nezuko could fight using Blood Demon Arts. She used her raw strength as she never received any formal training. And also emit pink demonic flames to charge anyone who tried to harm her family.

Another surprising fact that made Nezuko cuter was, she could manipulate her size and shape to fit in the small box. As demons cannot reveal themselves to the sun, she had to make her body small and fit in the box to hide from the sun. Although later on, she gained the power to walk out under the sun.

Unlike Nezuko, Tanjiro had to struggle and train pretty hard to beat the first demon. With his unique and special breathing techniques, he could win any battle. But sometimes he could also be exhausted.

Tanjiro had some special superhuman abilities that every superhero franchise needs. And the fight sequences are really fascinating to watch.


If you still haven’t watched Demon Slayer yet, you are missing an amazing piece of art in anime history. Now that you know the answer- is Nezuko older than Tanjiro or not, I hope you don’t have any confusion about their age.

However, ask any other questions you have for Demon Slayer and I’ll try to answer your question. Until then, keep watching Demon Slayer Season 2 and stay healthy.

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