Villains also play a very significant role in any movie or series, aren’t they?  From my point of view, without the participants of a villain’s activities, a superhero can’t be a superhero.

Today’s article is about- Is Garou stronger than Bang?– a comparison between a villain and a superhero of OPM. 

In a battle between a master and his apprentice, the master sure has some advantages. Likewise, Bang is also stronger than Garou in experience but in terms of strength, Garou might be the best one.

Let’s explore some facts to get the ultimate answer.

Garou VS Bang

Garou was the name of a supervillain in the OPM world. He was a famous supervillain with extreme power. On the other hand, Bang was the mentor of Garou before he went insane and started acting like a villain.

Both Garou and Bang were equally stronger than each other. Both of them had some super qualities. Garou was a human monster, a wolfman, and also a hero hunter.

He was very fond of martial arts that’s why he went to Bang for mentorship. He was the main antagonist of the One punch man series. 

Moreover, there were some specific qualities and techniques in both of the characters’ structures.

Garou had some abilities which had made him extraordinary, such as hand To hand combat, water stream rock smashing fist, roaring aura sky ripping fist, mimicry technique, awakening breath, whirlwind iron cutting fist, exploding heart release fist, and so on.

Each ability had some unique structure so that Garou could use each of those qualities in order to win in any kind of battle very easily.

Bang had also certain quality levels like hand-to-hand combat, water stream rock smashing fist, awakening breath, etc. But his most advantageous weapon was his expertise and experience in martial arts. And he was Garou’s master in martial arts. So, he could assume every move he could make while fighting.

Garou had also some extraordinary qualities to occupy any method at one glance. In a battle when applying the awakening breath technique, Garou did the same thing Just by seeing at one time.

Finishing Vibes

Even though Bang was Garou’s mentor, Garou had some extra qualities and that’s why he was able to defeat Bang. According to the One Punch Man manga, defeating Bang was not so easy for anyone, not even for Garou himself.

By devotion and hard work, Garou had earned such qualities to make himself stronger. That’s why he was addressed as a human monster. And went up against his own master. But I think he still has a lot to learn.

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