Blast is the most mysterious character in the famous anime One Punch Man. Even though Saitama is always at the center of attention to both the manga readers and anime-lovers, Blast was famous among the characters of OPM. 

And after his recent appearance in the latest manga chapters, everyone is now wondering- is Blast stronger than Saitama?

Well, the answer is difficult to give in a word because we don’t know the limit of Saitama’s powers or his full power stance. And the same thing goes for Blast as well. 

However, as Blast may have some additional powers than Saitama, we can say he might be stronger than Saitama but who knows!

The Rank Of The Superheroes:

According to the Hero Association ranking system- Blast is the most powerful hero in the entire OPM world and he has a power greater than many superheroes combined power at the same time. He is an S-class Hero Ranked 1. Therefore, everyone mentioned and sort of worshiped him as the number 1 Hero.

In contrast, the association is unaware of Saitama’s true power. And he is only a B-class hero and his rank is 63.

You can say that his progress is slow and he possesses less power than the other S-class heroes. But I think Saitama’s power is underrated in the anime because of the plot twist.

Is Blast Stronger Than Saitama

Fights of Saitama and Blast:

There can be only one way to determine who is stronger by comparing their battles. But unfortunately, not many fights of Blast with the monsters have been shown in the story.

He was always portrayed as the mysterious savior of people in danger and no details have been shown as well.

Blast has already fought against- Elder Centipede, Ninja Village Leader, Flashy Flash, Speed-O- Sound Sonic, and Research Hybrid Monster. Among them, he completely defeated all of them except the Elder Centipede.

This monstrous creature was smaller back then and after it was injured by Blast, he went underground before Blast could finish him off.

Now if we observe Saitama’s countless fights with the monsters, we can say that he might be stronger than Blast. Saitama defeated Elder Centipede and Boros effortlessly but Blast couldn’t because of certain circumstances. 

At the same time, we haven’t seen them in full power. So, it is hard to speculate.

Powers and Abilities:

I assume you already know how strong and powerful Saitama’s serious punch is. He can defeat any monster with just a mere punch. His Speed, Durability, intelligence have made him a human weapon. But he doesn’t have powers like Blast.

Blast has immense speed and reflexes, strength, and Psychic abilities. Tatsumaki considered himself a greater Psychic than her. He can travel between alternative dimensions and shoot laser beams with his eyes. He is practically the Superman on OPM.

So, in the ability parameter, Saitama can fall behind and this can make him weaker in fights.


Saitama and Blast have met face-to-face only recently in chapter 137 of the manga. Blast came to rescue Saitama and Flashy Flash from Psychos’s tricks. But as usual, Saitama couldn’t recognize him and I don’t think he even cared.

Now, we can only know who is stronger if Saitama and Blast ever fight each other.

But since they both are heroes, it is less likely to happen. All we can do now is to wait for the next chapters to see whether One has plotted to reveal the hero’s true power.

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