The heights of the characters in Despicable Me is a hotly debated subject, with some people claiming that Gru is a 14-foot giant and the minions are as big as your average 9-year-old. Yet, no one is talking about Kevin. The lovable, golf-playing minion was first seen in Despicable Me 2. But just how tall is Kevin?

We have already determined that your average-sized minion is about three bananas tall (or 1’9”), but Kevin is not your average-sized minion. This is obvious given his distinctive twinkie-shaped body, unlike the rest of the cheese-ball-shaped bodies of the other minions.

Despicable Me | How Tall Is Kevin?

how tall is kevin despicable me

Kevin is around 30-inches (or 2’6”) tall. Almost an entire foot taller than your average minion. Unfortunately, I was not able to determine this essential bit of science from the traditional banana technique that we used to get Gru’s height and had to get creative since Kevin is so rarely seen with a banana, which is, of course, very uncommon for a minion.

So how did I answer the question of how tall is Kevin? Fittingly, I figured it out with his iconic golf club.

Seen here, Kevin is about the same size as his golf club, but what size is his golf club? First off, we can tell that it is a driver and thus the longest of the golf clubs in a person’s bag.

But whose golf club is it? It cannot be Gru’s because a club for a 6-foot man would be close to 4 feet long and thus way bigger than a minion could ever use.

The most likely answer is that the clubs belong to Anges Gru, who is six years old in Despicable Me 2. Now, your average child with a pair of golf clubs is going to have a pretty small driver. According to my research, your normal six-year-old golfer has about a 33-inch long driver.

In the rest of the golfing scene in Despicable Me 2, we can see that the driver is a little taller than Kevin, so I subtracted the head of the driver (about 3 inches) to come to my conclusion. Now that we have answered the question how tall is Kevin, the only real question left is: Can he shoot par?

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