Are you a fan of One Punch Man just like me? If you are, then you must like the character Genos as well. In this article, I will present to you some interesting facts about Genos, for example, how tall is Genos, what his powers are and abilities and his importance in Saitama’s life.

You know Genos is approximately 178cm or 5’10’’ tall. And since he is a human Cyborg and most of his features are cybernetics, that can be a reason why he has such unique physical features.

Who Is Taller between Saitama and Genos?

Genos is taller than Saitama. Genos is 19 years old and his height is 178 cm whereas Saitama is 175 cm and is older than Genos.

How Heavy Is Genos?

Genos is 28 pounds or 13 kg. While an average adult male can weigh 70 kg, Genos is relatively lighter. But yet, he cannot swim because of his weight.

 Who Created Genos?

Genos is a lab prepared combat weapon to fight the monsters. Dr. Kuseno created Genos and included various weapons in his body. His full body cyborg enhancement provides him with many super hero attributes. But he is still not satisfied with his abilities.

Relationship between Genos and Saitama:

After knowing that Saitama has gained the power to destroy his enemy with only one punch, Genos desired to become his disciple to gain more power and become a S ranked hero to save the city and fight right beside Saitama.

He calls Saitama his master and starts to train as his guidance. It can seem like being a cyborg can limit him to exceed any power that he already possesses. But he goes beyond his limit to train and in return he does chores for Saitama and helps him to enhance his online fans and followers.

Genos is often humorous when it comes to the training regime of Saitama. He is also very concerned about his appearance and in front of a blunt looking Saitama, Genos looks pretty appealing and more handsome to many people.

Genos Powers:

Dr. Kuseno gave him the full body cyborg enhancement with combat ready cybernetics and weapons. Among his many abilities: Flight, Fire manipulation, Electricity manipulation, Energy projection, self- destruction and strategic combat are some common hero abilities he shows more often.

His speed and reflexes are out of the world. Since he is a cyborg, he never displays any sort of pain and that ensures his endurance. He can easily replace any armor or part after a battle. And after the G4 upgrade, he became even faster. That’s how he defeated Sonic with enhanced speed.


After a cyborg killed his parents, little Genos took the oath to eliminate the monster. Now the young Genos is still looking for the cyborg to kill. His goal now is to become as strong as Saitama and avenge his parent’s death.

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