Authors- ONE and Yusuke Murata have created an anime full of action and comedy on the basis of the life of Superheroes and Villains. And among all the characters of OPM, the authors have created Saitama as the strongest character and made him fight even more dangerous creatures than him.

And while watching the anime, I know you all have wondered how strong is Saitama that he can beat any monster that annoys him.

We all know that he is unbeatable. Now, in this article, we will try to find out more about that.

How Strong Is Saitama?

From the beginning of the show, ONE has created Saitama as the strongest character in the OPM world. And to answer any query about his strength, it is probably impossible to answer because he has never used his full power.

Where other Shonen hero characters try their heart and soul to possess the peak of their power and energy to beat the bad guy, Saitama already possesses unbelievable strength and durability to fight any monster.

He maintains his zero tolerance rules when it comes to monsters and he will throw the punch with the adequate amount of energy needed to destroy the opponent.

If by any chance his opponent survives his attack that is not because Saitama cannot defeat him, it is because it was a normal punch and he just wasn’t putting much effort in it. Even magic or psychic powers cannot defeat him.

To understand how strong he is, you can consider these examples: he cracked the planet in half, he could hop back and forth from the moon, and his punch could create so much wind power that could clear the clouds of the sky across the globe.

How Strong Is Saitama’s Serious Punch?

There are a few times where Saitama used this serious punch because his normal punch usually does the trick. At first he used the serious punch against Lord Boros, where Saitama had to cancel out a planet busting beam of energy thrown by Boros.

Now, to make things more interesting, I want to mention that this sort of energy can be generated by 107 trillion nuclear weapons. Saitama’s power is so amazing that his strength and power growth has surpassed all the limitations. Therefore, I am giving up on putting a pin to something that is unlimited.

Yes, just like one cannot calculate his serious punch’s strength, it is impossible to actually figure out what will be his peak of strength.


The creators of OPM wanted to show us what happens after a true hero achieves his ultimate goal of being the most powerful one. Even though some people say that Saitama is a gag character created to make fun of the traditional heroes, in my opinion, his character has much more depth than that.

However, measuring Saitama’s strength level seems like an impossible task right now. Let us wait for the next season to see if we can witness his full power. Only then, we will be able to say how strong is Saitama.

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