Galactus is a cosmic entity that appears in the Marvel universe, the destroyer of worlds, the undertaker of the entire universe with an appetite for planets that are blooming with life. He devours these kinds of planets to quench his thirst and hunger for energy and of course on planets like earth there is a lot of spare energy he could munch on, but how strong is this cosmic entity?

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How Powerful is Galactus? Find Out Answer!

Galactus is a Marvel character that first appeared in the 48th issue of the Fantastic Four in March 1966 in which he was portrayed as an all-powerful being roaming the galaxy. This roaming proved to be deadly for the entire universe.

This entity seemed to have a diet of pure energy, the energy he gained by consuming entire planets including the life on it. Galactus has shown time and time again that he is a force to be reckoned with.

The power he holds is immeasurable, he can destroy 3 galaxies without even breaking a sweat. He is a fighter that not even the gods themselves couldn’t defeat when he’s in his fullest form.

He holds every power known to man with that in mind it is clear that this otherworldly beast cannot be beaten with ease. He is the great filter.

The great filter is an idea that has plagued the minds of scientists since the old ages.

An Entity so powerful that protects the galaxy from mass extinction at the hands of ultra-intelligent societies. This entity stops mass colonialism by whipping out any society that grabs it’s attention by trying to create giant empires spread through multiple galaxies.

Sounds Familiar doesn’t it?

But even a beast of this scale has a weakness…

His weakness is hunger. Since Galactus feeds on energy he needs it to do anything, by losing that energy he could not only die from hunger he also becomes weaker.

But then again this sliver of hope is lost again since even the mightiest heroes of the Marvel universe have nearly beat him in a fight while he was starved.

So this weakness can quickly be overshadowed if he is determined enough and most of the time he is, so does this mean the end of the universe?

We can only wait to see what Marvel gives us next.

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