If you are looking for- “how old is Shalltear Bloodfallen?’, I guess you are an extreme fan of Overlord. I know all of you are excited that Overlord Season 4 is under production and the announcement of the release date will be out any minute.

So, today we will talk about one of the protagonists- Shalltear Bloodfallen. She was the undead vampire who looked like a 14-year-old girl and used to guard the Tomb of Nazarick.

Who Is Shalltear Bloodfallen?

Shalltear Bloodfallen was one of the strongest Non-Player Characters in the Overlord series. She appeared from the very first episode of the series and had a huge impact on the guild master Ainz Ooal Gown.

She was a creation of Perooroncino. Besides being a True Vampire in the form of the True Beauty, Shalltear introduced herself as the Guardian of the First, Second, and Third Floors.

Shalltear Bloodfallen Abilities and Skills:

Her special abilities are Cold Resistance, special Charm from her Mystic eyes, Healing power, minions, spell resistance, life, and blood drain.

Shalltear’s stats are pretty higher than any floor guardian. Even Ainz once said that Shalltear could win any battle if given the proper weapons like her counterpart. However, her most extraordinary skill was to summon Einherjar who looked the same as her and carried the same weapon but couldn’t use magic like her.

Since Shalltear had to battle anyone who tried to invade the tomb, her battle skill is also better than anyone else. Explosion, Sanctuary, Greater Lethal, teleportation, Invisibility, Regeneration, summoning Monster 10th, and many other skills were equipped by Shalltear Bloodfallen.

Shalltear Bloodfallen Age:

Shalltear Bloodfallen is an undead vampire who was known as The Bloody Valkyrie. Her cute appearance might have deceived the eyes of the viewers as she appears as a fourteen years old young girl. But she has an overall stat of 100.

Shalltear is 140 cm tall and wears a big black skirt and lace tops. However, her true vampire form was totally opposite since her appearance changed drastically. With sharp teeth and a ragged dress, she looked pretty dangerous in her true form.

And with Karma Negative 450, she was extremely evil throughout the series but loyal to Ainz.

Although she looked younger, she always tried to flirt with Ainz and the others. Her red eyes gave her the seductive look anyone needs to feel romantic. Although she was always just joking around, when the time came for battle, she made herself fully capable to fight her enemy.


Unfortunately, Shalltear Bloodfallen died before the formation of the New World. But Ainz revived her again to keep her beside him. But if you ask how old is Shalltear Bloodfallen after the New World formation, I would have to say she is still the same vampire you know.

So, wait for the next installment of Overlord and enjoy watching the previous seasons.

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